One of the toughest decisions that a parent has to make is finding the right school to give the best quality education to their child. Sometimes parents are in a dilemma to choose from a day or the boarding school to give the right education. But if you really wish that your kid excels in every walk of life, then it’s better to choose a boarding school. And, if you have now decided to send your child to one of the best boarding schools in India, then surely the future of your child is secured.

Best Boarding School in India
Best Boarding Schools in India for Boys

Schools play an important role in shaping up an individual and it’s always just for a parent to consider the right school for their kid after complete research. The best boarding schools follow the right curriculum focusing on the holistic development and growth of a child. Apart from providing the right education, these schools offer a well-supervised environment beneficial for a student to become successful in all aspects of life. Keeping in mind all the expectations of parents and kids, here is the compiled list of some of the best residential schools in India which will surely help you to make a smart decision to apply now for 2020-21 session:

  1. Doon International School: This is one of the best co-ed boarding schools in India which follows the CBSE curriculum. The school offers the best quality academics and curriculum focused on the overall development of a child. Amazing residential and infrastructural facilities are provided to provide a homely and friendly environment.
  2. Col Brown Cambridge School Dehradun: Ranked higher as the best boarding school for boys in India, the school is offering the best quality academics and learning facilities to students. A perfect and great learning environment is offered to focus on their overall growth and to prepare them for a great future ahead. The dormitories at the hostels hold top-class facilities for the safety of students. Activity-based learning is offered and apart from this, the school has the best faculty and staff to provide individual attention and guide students at every step.
  3. Sarala Birla Academy Bengaluru: This is the best boys-only boarding school in India offering the best quality education and learning opportunities to the students. The school is geared to provide the teaching and learning of international standards helping students who aspire to be achievers. With innovative learning practices and the best faculty, the school creates a great environment to prepare students for future challenges.
  4. Welham Boys School: This is one of the most prestigious boarding schools offering world-class education and residential facilities to the students. The school has smaller class sizes ensuring to offer individual attention to the children. Ample opportunities are offered to develop the right skills in students and preparing them for a successful future ahead.

Admissions to the best boarding schools in India have already been started and if you want to find the right one meeting the interests of your child, visit the website of the schools individually. It’s always better to get in touch with other parents and alumni through online forums to make an informed decision.