If you are looking to know about a thermostat for a heat pump with auxiliary heat, then you are exactly in the right place. It is very difficult to find thermostats with advanced features like smart home integration.

What is Auxiliary Heat on a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps can be used as an air-conditioner in your home. It can also be used to heat your home or to cool your home. It can transfer the heat to your home from outside. Heat pumps tend to save energy and are very efficient in the matter of burning fuel.

Given below are described some of the best programmable thermostats for heat pumps with auxiliary heat:

Budget Option – Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat:

It is the best thermostat that can give you all-round functionalities. It is more efficient in the case of features and compatibilities. You can also have it for other heating options like radiators, fuel-burning furnaces, etc. it will not only measure the temperature of the room, but it will also show you the humidity level of the room.

Working of Sensi Thermostat with Heat Pumps:

Sensi thermostat works on two different modes. Auto and Heat mode and the other one is Auxiliary Heat Mode. The primary heat source will work as a heat pump on turning on the auto or heath mode. In that case, if the temperature is not reaching the required level, the auxiliary mode will be activated automatically. Both modes will work together so that the required temperature can be reached.

Other than this, on selecting the auxiliary heat mode, it will end up turning the heat pump off making the auxiliary mode as the only heater source. Considering this option, it should be used in the only condition while the heat pump stops working or you want to take it out for the service.

Schedule Creation and Geofencing with the Sensi:

You can create schedules by using the Sensi app on your mobile phone. The schedules created can be regarding the cooling of the room, Heating the room, or selecting the auto modes of the thermostat. Same like that, you can also enable geofencing by using the Sensi app. The enabling of the geofencing schedule will allow the thermostat to raise or decrease the temperature by 3 degrees just when you are 3 miles away from your home.

Upgrade Option – Nest Learning Thermostat:

Sensi thermostat allows you to have multiple features regarding the cooling or heating of the home temperature. But still, you will be looking for some other functions that you can have using the thermostat in your home. Nest thermostat is another option for that. It also provides you the temperature and displays the humidity level of the home on the screen. It could be a little expensive as compared to the Sensi thermostat but it could be a special choice for you to obtain better results.

What does Nest do that Sensi can’t?

Nest thermostat and Sensi are almost the same concerning the features they provide to their users. But given below are some of the key points and other important differences that allow Nest to be more expensive than Sensi:


  • Heat Pump Balance: Four different modes can be selected by using this feature in the Nest. It will help to maintain the balance of the temperature to have minimum heating costs. It is energy efficient and will only use the auxiliary heater when the desired temperature needs to be reached. It maintains the balance of heat pump and auxiliary heat usage so that the home can be heated quicker. However, it always prefers to use an auxiliary heater.


  • Learning: Nest will track your daily schedule and geofencing and will learn how and when you want to change the temperature day by day. After tracking it, Nest will create its schedule that will be almost the same as with your daily routine.


  • Humidifier and Dehumidifier Controls: All the changes regarding the humidity and the temperature of the home can now be set with the help of the app. There is no need for separate specific accessories to have control over them.


  • Nest Family of Products: Not only thermostats but Nest also has other variety of items that you can use in your home. You can have a smoke detector, security cameras, etc. that are made by Nest and can use in your home.

Final Words:

Having these types of best thermostats for heat pump with auxiliary heat in the market or your home are the best-updated versions of normally used manual thermostats. Both of these types have various functionalities that allow you to monitor and schedule your temperature in different ways. Sensi thermostat can be more affordable than Nest thermostat but Nest has more advanced and automatic features including the energy efficiency feature that allows you to save more energy and save costs for it.