In the era of technology, big or small scale organizations rely on technology-based finance management tools. Such tools are profound in their actions and offer a robust error-free working system. For example, Quicken is the most favorite and reliable financial management tool available in the market.


It’s evident that you are running a big organization, and under your guidance, multiple talented lists of employees are working. You would not like to spend your valuable money to buy quicken package for every computer. But, you also would like your team to access the data on their computer screen.

Move quicken to other computer


Needn’t worry, by closely working on the below-mentioned steps you will come to know how to move Quicken to new computer hassle-free:


Essential points before you kick start the process:


  • You are not required to procure a new original copy of Quicken to transfer your essential data from one computer to another.


  • You are requested to install the exact version of Quicken in the separate computer where you are supposed to transfer your data.


  • If you are one of the subscription release users, you can have an access Quicken on the browser from any computer.


  • You also have the option to backup your essential files. It is advisable not to run the Quicken on any internal or external network.


  • You have to do the conversion of all files in case you have moved them to an anonymous version of Quicken.


Significant procedure to move Quicken to new computer:


  • You need to open Quicken and jump int the open file section


  • Next step is for backup and restore, then chose Backup quicken files (Ctrl+B)


  • The local folder is preferable to back up such files


  • Insert the removable disk in your computer, copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) all essential data and eject the disc quicker


  • Now you need to insert the disk in another computer where Quicken is installed


  • Its time for you to copy all the data in the computer where Quicken is installed


  • You can open the Quicken now and move towards open file section


  • Jump into backup and restore a section, select the restore from the backup file option


  • Next step is to go the section where files are copied and click on the restore button to let the procedure begin


Now a few significant measures to transfer data for MAC on Move quicken to new computer:


  • The utmost procedure is to install Quicken on the new Personal Computer


  • You need to make a copy of the Quicken file and move towards the external disk


  1. You need to open the Quicken in your old personal computer, choose file and select and save the backup


  1. You have the options to backup and save the data in an easily removable disk or protected USB


Here you can restore the quicken files in your new computer hassle-free 


  1. You need to insert the removable disk or protected USB drive in the new personal computer


  1. Now, you need to open the Quicken, choose file and select restore from backup


  1. On the left corner of your computer screen, the external drive will be reflected


  1. You need to select your device and discover the backup file


  1. Now finally, you need to click on the restore the current file and save it to a local drive


  1. Far all the essential procedures are accomplished, and now you can click on the restore button


All the essential procedures are laid down for your convenience. Its time for you to follow the steps carefully and enjoy using a robust and profound quicken tool for a better financial management system.

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