Most car owners have this frequent question if it’s a better idea to buy used car tires or go for new ones. There are multiple benefits of owning old car tires; they are less expensive, consume less wastage, and easier to get installed, but they do come with their respective shortcomings. The performance takes a hit for sure with second hand used tires. Therefore, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of buying used tires is necessary and essential for all car owners.


  •   Cost
  •   Waste reduction
  •   Online availability


This is probably the most prominent and common reason why one would opt to go for a used second-hand tire than a new tire. Of course, the prices of the used tires are way lower than the newer ones. The used tires in excellent condition with little wear and tear can be bargained and attained for a reasonable price. Therefore, if your budget is quite tight and limited, getting used tires can be viable. Using used tyres in Auckland is pretty popular and more and more people are opting for it. 

Waste reduction

Ever thought, what happens to all those old tires that people throw away after wearing them off? This glut of unused tires causes so much wastage and a tedious process of recycling. Therefore, getting old tires can and will reduce waste and limit the recycling process, hence saving energy and resources.

Online availability

It is quite easy to search for second hand used tires online as many people sell off used tires online. This will help you purchase tires for your spare tires, that is your Stepney tires.


  •   Hard red flags
  •   Wear & tear

Hard red flags

Most used tires show visible wear and tear that could act as red flags before buying a used tire. But for the most, you cannot detect the internal wear and tear of a tire by just having a look. Therefore, checking the manufacturing date is also a mandatory flag while purchasing a used tire. Since you do not know what wear and tear have occurred within a tire’s insides, it is not advisable to buy a second-hand used tire.

Wear & tear

The history of a tire’s wear and tear is unknown. There is a reason why the previous user abandoned the tire. It could be the result of inflation, work overload, or any designated internal damage. Therefore, getting your used tire at a reasonable price is a hit or miss. One key value to keep in mind is to never settle for less in terms of road safety.

Keeping these pros and cons in mind, buy the choice of tires you need for your car.