Riding on motorcycles is very risky and dangerous because motorcycle accidents could have devastating results. The rider’s body is more exposed and vulnerable to shocking injuries on motorbike than on a car, and they are susceptible to many physical injuries and in some cases even death. Many studies showed that head, chest, back, and legs are more likely to get injured or fractured in a collision. However, every item that comes with motorcycle gear is important. The items that come in motorcycle gear are usually leather or Kevlar motorcycle cargo pants, leather gloves, motorcycle helmet, leather or other protective synthetic materials jacket/hoodie, and leather or iron boots. Each of these motorcycle gear items whether it’s a pair of leather gloves or motorcycle cargo pants, are equally important and cannot be neglected. By wearing a good motorcycle protective gear, riders protect themselves from sun exposure, dirt or a fly in the air, wind, noise, rain as well as crashes. The biggest benefit of wearing motorcycle gear is protection from crashes or road surfaces. If a person (men or women) wants that cool biker look on their motorcycles they would wear leather jackets and pants. Kevlar motorcycle cargo pants would be a good choice too, but regular jeans are not a great idea, denim is tough but fails to provide required protection.

motorcycle hoodies with armor
motorcycle armor hoodie

These days manufacturers of motorcycle riding gear use so many materials to come up with the best motorcycle riding pants. The materials used are Kevlar, Cordura, leather, and other Aramid fibers. These all materials are highly effective in providing protection but their effectiveness depends on the environment and weather conditions you choose to ride.

Besides protection, many motorcyclists choose the best motorcycle riding pants according to their taste in fashion.  Leather looks so amazing and sturdy while Kevlar lined motorcycle cargo pants and armored denim look casual and cool.  So, along with heavy and ultimate protection, look is also of specific importance when it comes to riding jeans. A pair of best motorcycle riding pants that actually fits your style and comfort will make you feel confident and attractive since it is the first priority that drew you to the notion of riding jeans in the first place.

Wearing full leather motorcycle attire is not every practical occasion. No doubt, leather looks great and provides great abrasion resistance and impact protection but you can’t go to work or roam around your city town in your leather attire. However, leather would work amazingly for professional racers or for winter long adventurous trips.

Alternatively, some manufacturers of motorcycle riding gear and high-end brands have a variety of best motorcycle riding pants such as Kevlar lined motorcycle cargo pants with armors at hips, knees, and buttocks that look stylish as well as provide ultimate protection to your lower body.

For the riders looking for something lightweight, protective, stylish, and comfortable Kevlar can be a feasible choice other than leather.

Leather pants can be used for years and provide the best abrasion protection. A good pair of leather jeans can still be worn after a crash with a road-surface and or slide. They are amazingly long-lasting and tough. On the other hand, depending on the sternness of slide or crash, the best motorcycle riding pants made with Kevlar material still provide protection against abrasion and they are highly heat-resistant.