Be it bookkeeping, tax preparation, auditing, or consultancy, having an experienced accountant for your business is important. Accountants are the professionals who possess the knowledge and help you to save your valuable time as well as money. They help in identifying and fixing the problem before they drain your finances.

Important Questions to Ask an Accountant

Accountants help to spot potential issues and provide solutions to keep things running smoothly. Hiring an accountant is a wise choice for the business. However, before you hire a chartered accountant in Calgary, it is advised to ask some important questions like

• What kind of services do you provide?

It is essential to know what services do the accountant offers. This would help in ensuring that the expert can handle the different types of tasks you need assistance with. For example, you might require an accountant for business reporting, auditing services, annual tax documents, online accounting, or business advice. You need to make a list of the services you require and then hire the expert.

• How do you communicate with your clients?

To get the best out of the accountancy services, it is important to have solid working relations and healthy communication. Therefore, it is essential to know about the communication style of the accountant and how often the experts want to be in touch. You need to clear up whether there would be face-to-face meetings or the expert would handle everything electronically.

• Could you provide the contact number of your existing clients?

It is good to check the references before making a final choice. No professional would provide the name and number of an unsatisfied client. However, it is a good way to check if the expert is willing to provide the references. Moreover, having words with the existing clients would help you get an idea of services offered by the accountant.

Along with these, do not forget to ask what type of clients the experts work with. It is an important question, as it would help to know if the accountant possesses enough experience of working with your type of business.