Don’t worry, seriously Canon error e02 is a very normal issue that is troubling to you. It is as easy as you think.

Nothing goes wrong with your canon printer, it neither needs service nor destroyed. It’s all fine, do not take tension.

Canon Printer error e02 is screening on your device just because of paper issues but don’t worry we will provide you quick and easy ways to fix the canon printer error e02.

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Luckily, you can even fix this issue on your own, nothing hard in it. This article would be going to be very helpful for those who were fixing Canon printer error e02 on their own.

But you have to properly follow all the below-mentioned points. Just have a look below!

Step 1

Make sure that there would be enough papers present in the printer, it’s very obvious if there would be no papers in the printer then how it will print, right?

So, pour the papers if they are over.

Step 2

Now, if you have adopted the first step and still facing the same issue then maybe this problem is not helping you to fix your problem.

And that is, your papers are not flat, they are crooked that causing canon printer error e02. So make sure that the papers you are using for printing are not folded or twisted.

It will be stuck with the printer roller and will create more difficulties for you. So check the papers before inserting.

Step 3

One more important thing to be noted is the size of the paper would be not too small or not too big, it would be exactly as same as the size of the printer.

This mistake will not only cause error e02 but also, it will not print the sheets properly.

Step 4

Also, make sure that your network connection is strong, reliable, and stable. Network connectivity is very important.

So, we hope you for sure succeed in fixing the canon printer error e02. Now you can get full access to your printer.

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