The prototyping process: Rapid prototyping can be done with a CAD drawing. Rapid prototyping is an additive process. One of the main benefits of rapid prototyping is that development teams working on a new product can test the sample for function, fit, shape, size, and also appearance. They can do it quickly and cheaply compared to other options.

Prototyping Cost – Costs will vary depending on the manufacturer you work with. But, many will work at an hourly rate. The price will also depend on the complexity and complexity of the piece. rapid prototyping companies help speed up product development time, which in turn helps a new product hit the market sooner. Be sure to get multiple quotes from prototype manufacturers before committing to working with someone.

Speed ​​- Some manufacturers are set up to get a quick return on their quick prototyping work. Be sure to get quotes from machine shops or manufacturers asking how long it will take to complete the job. Some companies can even provide you with the model in 48 hours.

What type of design do I need? – Many companies will want a 3D CAD drawing in the development stages. This drawing can be sent directly to the prototyping company you choose to work with. The industry standard is usually an STL format file. Most CAD software will allow your part to be saved in this format. The prototyping company will convert that file to a format that works with its machines. The manufacturing process of a new prototype is really very simple and cheap. You can have a model of your product before you start searching for a new manufacturer to create your product line.