TEAM BUILDING – With so many companies now doing, or considering, some form of teamwork, what is the best route to consider? Teamwork, as it is commonly called, varies from joyous, frivolous group entertainment and motivation such as; Quad biking, soccer, cooking, shooting, miniature golf, American football, hot air balloons, etc., until we get to what we call … TRANSFORMATIVE team building – Real team building that impacts people on the head, heart & soul level and has long lasting efficacy.

It’s a well-known fact that things like motivational talks don’t last or add any real value, so why do people waste their money paying up to R15,000 for a 1-hour motivational talk? Motivation is like manipulation!

And who wants to be manipulated right now? If you were to invest in training your team, wouldn’t you want to get the best possible value for your investment of time, money and human resources? Any smart person would want the best return (ROI) on their corporate Team bonding activities.

So, imagine for a moment a scale of 0 to 10. The zero side is “light group entertainment” or motivational things. On the other hand, 10 is HERO, a process of “transformation for your people and your team” that impacts heads, hearts and souls, lasts a lifetime, and improves performance, productivity, endurance, relationships and your workplace. Now make a smart decision … What level of results would you choose if you embarked on a team formation?

What is the best way to combine the cultures of your team into a coherent whole?

Group entertainment: It is NOT true teamwork! If we consider what is thought to be a typical teamwork event; people take a planned excursion for a day, somewhere outside. They can speed up a bit, wear colored armbands or shirts, paint faces, play some games, shoot arrows, walk tables, laugh a little or a lot, have a free meal or braai, some drinks and then go home … klaar!

On the day, what we don’t see, just below the surface, is that office politics and people’s problems are still alive and well. People still fear; appear useless, feel uncomfortable or make a fool of yourself. The staff builds up in their usual clans, and the office clown is thoughtlessly again even more biting with his punches and jousts. Often greater barriers are created to building real teams and a friendlier and more productive workplace.

Prevalence prevails, and cultures will never mix!

In general, when Monday arrives, the old dynamics, office politics, and factions remain as before. People are as tired as ever, if not more now! And the “TEAM” is just a pretext. Life continues the same as before the departure of the group.

People don’t know anything new about each other or their cultures. So what was it really about? This is treating the symptom, not the root or actual causes. So why do it? Why would you spend money on something that doesn’t solve your problem or offer real value?

Lack of; Relationships, inclusion, trust, truth, commitment and inspiration are a problem: a real problem for the formation of your team and the improvement in the delivery of results in a diverse multicultural reality that we call our Rainbow Nation.

Alternative: the HERO side … A rare but REAL team building process. Imagine a team building process that would remove barriers and change your office energy, work environment, attitudes, confidence levels, and team spirit forever.

Consider … What is the best way to really build your team? What aspects should be addressed to ensure long-term impact and profoundly positive results? In a real team building process, the following core issue must be addressed to build a strong and sustainable work base that fosters optimal team effectiveness.