People love their pets and treat them as family members. If you are planning to be a pet owner, there are many places to adopt a new pet. However, any Box Hill vet or Berwick vet will suggest that one should always consider adopting a pet from an animal shelter.Berwick vet

Though it is the personal choice of an individual, if they plan to adopt a pet, it is better to adopt from an animal shelter. Lets’ explore some reasons why it is a better alternative:

  • The first and foremost reason is that all the animals in the shelter are either abandoned or lost. These animals also need a second chance as they are helpless and were probably unwanted by their previous owner. If you adopt them, you give them a new life and a loving home.
  • The next benefit is that you get an opportunity to adopt an adult animal. The advantage of adopting an adult animal is that they are usually trained. They sit calmly, and this would avoid the puppy chasing phase. They would also bite less than a young animal.
  • When you adopt a pet from a shelter home, you have access to the resource of information about your pet. The staff members work with various animals each day and have a wealth of information on multiple issues.
  • Yet another advantage is that you get a wide range of options for selection, which may not be possible elsewhere. Shelter homes have different types of animals coming from various places. You get to choose from different species, ages, and types.
  • When you adopt a pet from the shelter home, it means that you are taking home a pet that has received proper care. Every animal that comes to the shelter is admitted by experienced staff. Upon arrival, the animals are given all the required vaccinations. The animals also go through a behaviour screening process. The vet visits the shelter home weekly and offers medical assistance for all the health care issues and concerns.
  • The animal shelters are mostly NGOs and charity institutions. When you adopt a pet from them, you will help their cause. Also, the adoption fee at animal shelters is marginal. Some shelter homes don’t even charge any fees for adoption.
  • As the animals go through the required screening and vaccination process, you end up spending less on their health care and maintenance. They are also treated for worms and fleas. When you buy pets from elsewhere, it can be costly apart from the price of purchasing the new pet.
  • There are so many animals that need help and care. Shelter homes have limited resources and space for taking care of them all. When you adopt animals from the shelter home, you free up the room for other animals that need help.
  • Just because shelter home pets come from the street doesn’t mean they won’t behave well. Shelter animals go through socialisation training so that they can learn how to interact with people and other animals.

When you adopt the pet from the animal shelter, you do not only get a new member to your family, but you get a pet with basic house manners as well as a pet that is health-checked. Your new pet will love you from the day you drive them to their new home. Adopting from a pet shelter allows you to do something for a helpless and homeless animal that was abandoned. There is no feeling more rewarding than doing something good for animals. You gift them a loving family and warmth.

When you own a pet, you benefit from providing for their needs such as exercise and love and care. You can walk and play with them and take them to the park. It will allow you to socialise and meet new people. It is also said that having a pet has a positive impact on your mental health as well.

Taking care of your pet is also easy as there are mobile apps that allow you to book appointments in your own home with a mobile Berwick vet, a Box Hill vet and anywhere else in Melbourne. Download an app like Vets on Call that allows you to bring the vet into the comfort of your own home and say goodbye to stress vet clinic appointments forever.