With the rising crimes, ensuring the safety has become essential. There are numerous ways to practice self-defense. Carrying pepper spray is one of the popular ways. It is a chemical compound that causes irritation in the eyes, pain, burning sensation, and temporary blindness by inflaming the mucus membranes. Along with affecting eyes, it inflames mucus membranes in the lungs, throat, and nose resulting in a runny nose and causing breathing difficulties.

Reasons to Carry Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is comprised of the capsaicin (a chemical that is found in plants like peppers and chilies). When it is sprayed, it causes pain in eyes, coughing, reddening of the skin around eyes, excessive watering of eyes, etc. Although the vision often recovers in about 15-20 minutes on its own, however, the effects can last up to 24 hours. There are numerous reasons for carrying this invaluable self-dense tool

  • Helps to Save Life: No matter whether you are travelling alone or in a group, you can be attacked. Pepper spray is a tool that can help you save your life.
  • Can Be Used on Multiple Attackers: Sometimes, more persons would attack women. Using pepper spray helps to fight back against all those persons once. There are types of sprays that work at a wider range.
  • Easy to Carry: When you carry a self-defence tool, you would need to ensure that the tool is light enough so that when you need it, you can easily grab one. Pepper spray is best in this aspect. Most of the spray cans are small that can be carried easily in the bag or even pocket. However, you would not wish to be rummaging around for it. Before you move out alone, ensure you slip the spray under sleeve so that you are prepared.
  • It is Legal: In most of the states, buying as well as carrying pepper spray is legal. However, the stipulations and limitations would vary from one state to another. To avoid the trouble related to the purchase and use of this spray, ensure you check the state’s law and abide by them.
  • Easy to Use: Using a pepper spray doesn’t require training of weeks. Just very little training and you are ready to use the spray for self-defence. All you need to do is just point and spray. In some cases, even spraying into the air can cause the reaction.
  • No Permanent Damage: Pepper spray is nonlethal. In case you are attacked and use the pepper spray, the attacker might suffer tremendously; however, after 30 minutes or more, the results would subside. There would not be any permanent damage. In rare cases, the spray can result in complications. For example, the asthmatic person would have more trouble breathing as well as require more time for recovering than an average person.

Along with these, the major reason for carrying pepper spray is that it is affordable. Some self-defense tools are hard to buy and require training or license. However, it is accessible as well as an affordable option for individuals, especially women who wish to feel protected.