In theory, guides always point out how easy it is to make a decision in favor of a specific product or asset class. In practice, some investors experience that the requirements on the part of service providers are often quite high. The minimum deposits for trading accounts or securities accounts often present potential investors with a thoroughly respectable task. This can be seen especially with providers abroad. And that although, for example, investing in a gold savings plan is interesting in the strict sense, because savings plan users, especially in this spectrum, can invest very flexibly and easily in the amount of their own goals and opportunities, as tests show. How much effort do investors actually have when registering for saving and buy gold coins?

The registration data retrieved are customary in the industry

In many phases, savers are even rewarded to a certain extent with bonuses such as deposit-dependent extra gold amounts for their investments within special campaigns – for example with one gram of gold as a welcome bonus. The compilation of the relevant personal data is kept within manageable limits and ultimately appeals to private investors without many years of experience, who would otherwise put the registration for gold saving on hold in the first place due to the greater effort – in favor of an alternative- Investment. Full name, current address, bank details for direct debit debits as well as the monthly requested amounts for constant “filling” are usually sufficient when opening a new gold savings plan.

Confirmation of identity is usually done using the post dent procedure

The specified email addresses and phone numbers, which are required for contacting support and for confirming the correctness of the data, often have to be confirmed later for verification – clicking on a digital link that ends up in the digital mailbox is usually sufficient when registering for saving gold. Because the proof of identity associated with the opening of a custody account, which reputable providers often require (by post dent procedure, digitally via webcam service or by presenting a valid ID document to a partner bank of the savings plan provider), is done quickly, so that the gold savings plans can be quickly saved for the first time.


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