Home renovations are a happy time for many homeowners. They get a chance to give their home a fresher look and redecorate it with new ideas and perspective.

While the colour of the wall and the design of the benchtops are important factors, the kind of flooring you choose will significantly impact the entire decor scheme. 

If you are already between flooring options or would like more insights on what’s new and best, we bring you a list of most loved floors that will make your home enviable in the neighbourhood. Read on!

  • Bamboo

Whenever we talk of sustainability in our homes, bamboo is probably the first name that pops in our mind. Sustainable flooring is the way to go, which makes bamboo a strong candidate for flooring in your home.

It is durable and surely looks stunning. While many people consider it under the hardwood category, others like to create a class of its own. 

Bamboo flooring can be stained to meet the decor needs of your home while ensuring sustainability as an eco-friendly option. 

  • Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is sturdy, durable and highly attractive. 

It is a preferred option for modern decor homes that want to keep the flooring durable yet sophisticated. There is no question about the quality and sturdiness of concrete as it’s better than any other option on this list. Also, they require minimal maintenance. 

The homeowners could add stains or colours to the floors before polishing and sealing it for a splash of colour in the room in the most unexpected way. 

  • Vinyl

Would you like to install flooring which requires almost no maintenance? If yes, then vinyl is the name for you.

Resilience, beautiful designs, comfortable feel underfoot, and durability define this flooring variant, making it a popular pick for both residential and commercial properties. 

More than general vinyl varieties, vinyl laminate flooring has earned an excellent reputation in the market for the array of designs and benefits that it offers.

  • Ceramic Tile

How can we forget about the tiles? Ceramic tiles truly transform the look of a room with their presence. 

Available in a mind-boggling range of colours, sizes and designs, you can floor your entire home with these tiles without any repetitions or similarities. 

Ceramic tiles are mainly available in four variations where you can even choose non-slip options for your family’s safety. 

  • Carpet

Who doesn’t love carpets? They look and feel comfortable and warm and add an inviting vibe to the entire decor. Now, imagine them all over your flooring. 

Carpeted floors are mostly seen in the cold areas where stepping on the direct floor can send chills down your spine. You have several options to choose from, and a higher fibre count ensures durability.

However, carpets do require regular maintenance, so pick wisely. 

Remember, your home is your canvas which allows you to paint your personality for the world to see in the form of your decor. Based on your decor theme, budget and requirement, choose the best flooring from these options and give your home a unique look.