Laser tag mazes are a hit at any party most of the time. However, the problem lies in lasers. Nothing is worse than renting a labyrinth of laser labels or going to a real laser label arena and having a bad result. The bad results may be due to the fact that the lasers enter the eye of someone in your group or even the equipment malfunction. Now there is an alternative that will surely change any party experience in an excellent, Nerf Machine Gun Maze! An inflated maze that allows children of all ages, including adults who still think they are children, to have a safe and closed environment to unload the 35 Nerf bullet machine guns. It works for anything from birthday parties to company picnics.

The machine gun maze is an inflated honeycomb that is completely closed. Being locked, not only guarantees that you do not lose any of the bullets, but also that the players are contained within the established limits. The machine gun maze is also a safe option! Every parent’s nightmare when having a children’s party is having to tell the parents of another child that they were injured at their party. With soft bullets that can travel up to about 30 feet, you have virtually no worries. The Nerf guns included are a well-designed rapid-fire gun that can discharge all 35 bullets in approximately 13 seconds.

Today’s economy is really forcing to cut many children’s parties. Imagine being 9 years old and having to reduce your birthday party is not a very good image. The maze of machine guns is the cheap price ticket to not disappoint your child or company party. Instead of going to a laser tag stadium and paying per child per game, most inflatable rental companies allow you to rent it for several hours. This allows unlimited play and that children have the opportunity to redeem. Best of all is the feeling of seeing the smile on everyone’s face when they leave the maze in a complete battle conversation.

The next time you debate getting a labyrinth of Laser tag or think about going to a field of laser labels, use the new knowledge found about the labyrinth of machine guns. It is the economic way of guaranteeing a safe but exciting environment for all involved.