Always running short on time with so many goals on the shoulder, today’s women don’t want to waste time especially when it comes to changing their handbags which could be quite a task considering you require shifting all your essential things every time you decide to change your handbag.

So every morning it can be quite dreadful to not only choose clothes, accessory but also the handbag that goes well with it.  Let’s help you in creating 5 different looks by choosing one handbag and voila you have a perfect office look for the whole week!

So before we start making the perfect week, there are things you will need

A spot on handbag

Choose the one handbag that is comfortable, spacious and can carry everything that you need for your whole day. It should be having straps to carry them easily but also look elegant, classy and should have minimum accessory attach to it.

It could be a stylish laptop handbag, satchel handbag, a tote bag, these all can easily turn into an office handbag for the week

The right colour handbag

Though there is no definition of right or wrong colour when it comes to choosing the one bag that creates balance with all your outfits then choosing the right colour is important. Choose subtle and solid colours like beige, black or even white and grey, these colours are easy to mix with any coloured outfit.

Let’s create a look for you: One bag for your different office outfits

When we talk about office wear clothes and the handbag both need to be elegant and simple to look. It should not be too loud and should be a mixture of both freshness and modern outlook. Your overall look should reflect empowerment and confidence in you.

First day, first look: for putting those Monday blues away

Monday is the day which is dreaded by everyone, so start your week with an outfit that makes you feel beautiful and confident all through the week. Pick any monochromatic outfit with some bold colour that gives you a modern, stylish and energetic look which is much needed for Monday. You can choose a perfect satchel handbag to go with it.

Second day, second look: for those busy Tuesday meetings

For all your meetings lined up, you need to choose something that makes you look more professional and confident without losing the hint of feminism. Wear a subtle silk top or blouse with pants, the shades should be in neutral colour tone and add a pop of bright colour in your accessory or tinge of red coloured lipstick

Third day, third look: for boosting more energy in the middle of the week, Wednesday

With the third day of work you are already energetic and feeling quite goal-oriented, go for a simple formal grey or black suit. These formal clothes are best when it comes to experimenting. You can pair these easily with any accessory by combine two strong colours or you can even throw in floral to bring in more energy to your Wednesday look.

Fourth day, fourth look: focus on Thursday

Sometimes, even before you approach the weekend, you get a call to attend a business meeting straight after work, pairing this evening with the perfect black dress and a brown or black neutral-toned handbag can play wonders to your overall look. This is where a satchel laptop handbag can do wonder by carrying all your documents.

Fifth day, fifth look: for after works drinks for mandatory weekends 

When it’s finally Friday and it’s time to unwind yourself from all the hectic schedule of yours, then a casual Friday is the best way to end this week. You not only want to look a kind of chic but want to look overall professional at the same time. Pair a dress with a smart blazer with sneakers on! You can pair this with a tote bag that will add some more style to your overall look.

Points to keep in mind

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a handbag, which makes choosing one handbag quite a difficult task. With the above-given suggestions, you can easily dig through your collection of handbags and outfits that will go with them.

You can even explore buying best handbags online while saving your time on travelling; it’s like browsing so many brands under one roof just by sitting under the comfort of your roof.

Get moving and stylish with these tips and your week full of schedule is all sorted!