Roku Code Key-Click on the button to trigger roku on your computer and visit to enter the activation code. To trigger your Roku streaming player or Roku TV, you must key it to a Roku account.The Roku account holds the own Roku streaming devices and networks, as well as your preferences and settings. To control your account and get important account updates, it is important to have a valid email address associated with your Roku account. You should likewise select a solid, safe password.

Activating your Roku device

  • Follow the Quick Start Guide your Roku system came with.
  • For more help setting up your Roku system, visit the Roku support site’s Setup and Troubleshooting section, or go directly to the Roku code connection site.
  • Complete the instructions on-screen to connect your Roku device to internet.
  • Once linked you can download new software from your Roku computer.
  • Take note of this connection code and go to your computer or mobile device’s website / directory.
  • Note: Type it correctly to prevent fraudulent websites when entering in your Web browser.
  • Enter the link code on the website, and press Send.
  • Learn how to solve problems by activating your Roku streaming device, if you see an error or are stuck on a specific step. Important: Before returning to your Roku device, you must complete all the steps on the website otherwise your Roku device will not be activated.
  • Follow the website’s directions to create a Roku account, or sign in to an existing Roku account.
    You’ll be asked to include a payment method when creating a new Roku account. The payment option helps you to buy passes to popular channels, rent or lease movies and TV shows or make other Roku Channel Store purchases.
  • Adding a form of payment does not result in any payments to your account. You will only be charged after you have taken the additional steps needed to make a purchase; e.g. when signing up for a subscription, renting or buying a movie or TV show, or installing a Roku Channel Store app.
  • Some of the big credit cards and the PayPal methods are approved. Gain more help if you have trouble adding a method of payment.
    Learn how to create a PIN for your Roku account if you wish to avoid unauthorized purchases.
  • Once the activation process is complete the Roku system is ready to use.