Every year February comes, and we feel the love is in the Air. Yes, it the month of Valentine’s week. This is the right time to be More expressive and Romantic for your partner. These Seven days are the best opportunity to make them feel special. Everyone’s way is not the same to convey some admiration, so a little symbol of cherishing is the perfect addition to your writing love cards.

This Love season starts with the celebration of Rose Day. For every emotion, there are many colored Roses that reflects your true gesture of heart. This Roz day lets adds some more effort like the different colors of the flower. Surprise your Boyfriend with some accompaniment that will remain with him for a longer time. Let’s check the list and select the ideal Rose Day present and give them the lovely message by just one click on valentine day sms in hindi.

  1. A Book For A Book Lover

If your Sweetheart is a Book-worm then go ahead a give him the First Edition of his Favourite book. Can you imagine the reaction on his face after getting the prize? Yes, you can. So, what’s the delay. This is the gift that is easily available for window shopping. This is not the cheap option but it will remain with your beloved for a longer period.


Mostly men are the lovers of shoes. And when it comes to choosing a pair, they have their own preferences. Every day starts with new goals for him, so a reliable pair of shoes is a good choice to make them realize that you are with them in the path of their life.


This is the very simple and generous symbol of love towards him. Wallets are very small but also a very useful gift for men. You can purchase it online and form a shop also. This is the thing that is used on a regular basis. So you will remain on his mind always through your gifts.

4.Wine or Beer

In the Market, there is a Wide Range of wine. According to your Conveniency, you can choose either Average market wine or either expensive wine. This totally depends on your choice. If you don’t have any idea you can ask some other person for help. Along with a bottle of wine can express your feeling with Rose day status in Hindi. With the 2 Glass of wine and a perfect msg, you will definitely win the heart of your man. 

5.Perfumes Or Scents

For you darling, Perfumes are an aromatic gift, which makes the air smells wonderful. By using the diverse fragrances and unique scents you can create a new bond with your boyfriend. With the smell of the fragrance, you can also make the environment more expressive and passionate. The perfumes come with the very distinct shape of a glass bottle. So you must be chosen according to your feelings and occasion.

6.Man Grooming Gadgets

Personal grooming is the most important part of your life. When we talk about men’s grooming it is not only limited to hair cutting,  shaving, or trimming. It also has a wide range of tactics. You can also gift you, man, well grooming products. If he like beard, these are the most useable gift for him.

7.Arrangement of a Romantic Date

Sometimes, your routine becomes so hectic that you don’t have the time to show your partner how much you love them. This is on the cheerful rose day, you can amaze him by arranging a lovely dinner date. You have to plan for this some days earlier and chose the destination which is beautiful, peaceful, romantic.

8.A Basket Full of Gift

When there is more than one option in your mind, and you cannot decide which option you have to choose. You can create your own basket of gifts. Firstly you have to choose a beautiful basket according to your gift, arrange all the gifts in the basket and decorate it with your personal touch.

9.A Gift Related to his Hobby

You know the passion of your boy for a particular hobby. Tell him how much you support him in his passion and care for the things he is fond of. If he is a fitness freak, you can give him a ticket for a fitness program or my workout clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.