There can be many responsible for not working. But one of the major issues leading to this issue is the IP address and program.

First of all, it is important for you to confirm that either you are using the correct IP address, client name, and secret passphrase key or not.

  • The web address: Anything on the web has its own address similar to our home or residential flat address. The web address is unique for every website. If you need to configure Netgear router virtually, you need to visit routerlogin webpage. Just type the URL in the address bar and hit the ‘Enter’ key or click on the ‘Search’ button. Enter the Netgear router default login credentials.

  • There is a change that the Netgear router login page is not working on a particular web browser. If that is the scenario, then you must try another web browser and visit webpage. You can try my favorite web browser Google Chrome (for Windows OS) and Safari (for iOS or MAC).

  • Another solution to fix this problem is to use Netgear router default IP address rather than typing the web address in the URL bar.

  • If you are trying the to open the Netgear router configuration page via the wireless network and still struggling with the error ‘ not working’, then you can try a hardwired or Ethernet cable connection.

  • There is a chance that the Netgear login is not working because it is connected to many computers and devices at the same time such as corporate association, a wired connection, remote access, or VPN. Try to disconnect all VPN and remote access connections, so to fix router login error.

  • You need to also check if any promotion related applications, fly pop-ups, firewalls causing issues of routerlogin not working.

  • In case none of the above-described solutions work out to fix Netgear router login issue, then try to reset your Netgear WiFi router. This the only solution left now. If you do so, then the chances that you have made in the WiFi router will get removed and your router will return back to the default factory restore settings. All the information like Network SSID name, client name, and other security settings will be lost.

  • Finally, after you reset your Netgear WiFi router, enter the web address www.routerlogin net login in the URL bar. When you are done, enter the login credentials and click on the Sign-In button, then visit the ‘Advanced’ option and configure your Netgear WiFi router with the previous settings.

  • To ensure that you not again face router login net not working problem, check the firmware version of your WiFi router.

Visit to advanced > Router Update > Check

In case any new firmware version is available, try to download and install the firmware.

If you try all the above-mentioned measures, then your problem of router login not working will definitely be solved. In case if you still struggling with the same router login error, feel free to contact us via comments.