Avatar, Action and adventure movie had portrayed great visual effects, whereas movies like Lion King and Jurassic Park was no level down. Avengers End Game showcased Josh Brolins act which was beautifully picturized around the vfx created by the Weta Digital and Digital Domain. Indian cinemas have also had their share or vfx which was well picturized in movies like Fan. Fan starring Shah Rukh Khan Character had two roles which was well created by immensely creative Red Chillies VFX team.

Both Hollywood and Bollywood has showcased their technical and creative skills using artificial intelligence. Along with AI, machine learning tools were used simultaneously to create the required effects. The combination when used in the right manner can create visuals that can go beyond imagination. It creates a shift to the movie or scene that was shot.

Along with animation learnt by the top animation college, Visual Effects also needs to be learnt as this has also gained acceptance in the Indian market. According to the survey, Indian animation and VFX industry has grown at 16.4% in which 31% share belongs to VFX. With VFX used so often in horror or fiction movies. Chennai Express, BhaagMilkhaBhaag, Dhoom 3 are few movies that have used VFX effects extensively. Having taken the movie to a different level with their cutting edge technology are now rubbing shoulders with the global market.

VFX has become an indispensable part of the film making industry. The studios have used the latest technology and skills which has given a new dimension to the VFX field. Hollywood studios also outsource this work in order to take advantage of the Indian skill set as well as leverage the cost. This has also been one of the reasons of growth of revenue in this industry. Blockbuster movies like Baahubali and its followed up sequences have had a major contribution to the revenue earnings. Growth at this rate is expected to cross the revenues earned by the Hollywood film industry.

Though the Indian film industry is closely monitoring the technological improvements in VFX scene and are seen adapting it rapidly. But the audience still perceive animation and VFX movies as a project for kids. Whereas the truth lies that the major animation target market constitutes as adults. But the Indian audiences have not accepted like the way in Hollywood. 2018 releases were quite an example. With less releases and lukewarm response is the evidence of less acceptance by the Indian audience. On the other hand, Hollywood movies like Jungle Book has been widely accepted irrespective of the age group. But movies like Baahubali could change the perspective in the near future.

VFX effects are not restricted to movies. The digital explosion has brought a wind of VFX to daily soaps, digital series and commercials. Last decade commercials have witnessed heavy use of visual effects and animation. This trend continues to grow stronger with the latest adaptation of technology and innovative skills of the VFX users. Appy Fizz, Chings Chinese, FrootiHoli are few commercials which made extensive use to deliver outstanding visuals.

Commercials and daily soaps use VFX as it offers great space and takes it to another level. It enables them to create high quality visuals and also allowing them to experiment with their story telling techniques. They can now think out of the box and deliver projects that has never been done before. Fuelling creativity skills, VFX also helps saving. Instead of creating elaborate sets, developers can use these effects and save a buck.

On the other hand broadcasters are partnering with studios producing animation content. Channels like Sonic and Nick have half of their content being broadcasted with shows like Shiva, MotuPatlu and many more. Digital space also has seen the spurt of content that has animation. Thus they have a tie up with channels like CVS, ChuChu TV, Peppa Pig, Woolie and Tig. All this and much more can be easily watched on YouTube channels and other digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

VFX has a promising future in the Indian market. Be it games, commercials, movies or digital media, VFX has played its role. This new wave is been adapted at a rapid speed and developers are taking advantage of that as it save them a huge margin in some cases. Best graphic designing college can offer you extensive knowledge about how to use the skills along with software.