If you’re new to the world of home security, then it can be quite difficult to know what products are worth investing in for your home. Do you have to splurge on your budget in order to guarantee the most effective results? Will your property only look like a maximum-security prison at the end of it all? And how can you be sure that the investment you’re making is right for your home’s security needs?

Indeed, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to strengthening your property’s defence levels. But there are a few fundamental solutions that most homeowners can turn to when they’re unsure of their needs and are wanting an all-rounder product; and one of these solutions are security doors. So, how exactly do security doors contribute towards your home’s security levels effectively? Well, just keep on reading to find out!

Built Strong and Durable

Technical alarm systems and CCTV cameras do a great job at deterring burglars, or getting them out once they’re in. However, if you truly want to prevent burglars from getting into your property at all, it’s important to invest in strong and sturdy physical deterrents over the vulnerable entry points of your home. 34% of burglars use the front door in order to enter into your home. As such, it’s important to secure this commonly used entryway with sufficient protection, Luckily, security doors are built using durable and premium grade materials, such as aluminium or stainless steel. Moreover, they’re designed using meticulous manufacturing methods. Consequently, you can expect them to put up a good fight against burglars who are looking to infiltrate your home over the years.

Manufactured to Strict Standards

If you require proof of the effectiveness of security doors, then you’re actually in luck! Security doors are manufactured to strict Australian standards known as AS5039-2008, which require a number of tests to be performed and passed on the door in order to verify its strength. Such tests simulate common forced entry attempts using knife attacks, lever attacks, forceful impacts and more. So, once you’ve invested in a door that complies with such requirements, you’ll know full well that your investment is bound to be a highly worthwhile one.

Effective Deterrent

Take a minute to put yourself in the shoes of a burglar. Multiple aspects of a home’s exterior can tell you a lot about the people living inside out. Needless to say, when the main entry point into your home is worn, broken and tattered, you’re probably going to deem that household as an easy target to infiltrate. On the other hand, when you’ve got a strong and sturdy security door installed to your home, burglars may get the impression that you prioritise your home’s security level. Furthermore, they may be led into thinking that there are more security measures installed on the interior of your property. As such, they may just choose to avoid your home altogether and target another property instead.

Custom-Made Solution

A lot of home security experts these days will be able to offer you custom-made security doors, which are always guaranteed to offer you significantly more benefits than mass-manufactured product options. Through getting quality custom security doors in Perth, you will be ensuring a solution that can match every one of your specifications and requirements; from your budget to your desired home security level, and of course, the exterior design of your home.


Have you heard of one-way vision mesh? If you haven’t then you should know that it functions exactly as it sounds. When applied to your custom security door, this mesh will prevent people on the outside of your home from looking in whilst the door is open. At the same time however, it will still allow the people on the inside of your household to enjoy clear views of the outside world. And through increasing your family’s privacy in this manner, you will also be able to enhance your property’s security level.