Books have always been known to entail magic and hold a mystic power to transform the reader into a whole new realm. I’ve come across many bibliophiles that love to read books whenever and wherever they can even if they have only five minutes to spare. We are always surrounded by books and keep purchasing new books even though we have several unfinished ones back home. The key to managing your book collection is renting a self-storage unit to stack them in an organized manner as well as make room for some new book adventures on our shelves as well as in our cabinets.

Collocate your books to prevent long-term damage

Nothing can break a bibliophile’s heart more than seeing a book getting damaged by the worldly foes like humidity, mold, or some good old rodents who might chew into your classics without any remorse. The best way to avoid such misfortunes is by using climate-controlled storage units that formulate the necessary environmental conditions required to keep the books unscathed. Humidity is one of the most harmful aspects that causes some major irreparable damage to the books. The books get moldy if exposed to moisture-rich surroundings for a long period of time. The storage units have a facility to control the humidity in the air and keep the precious collections safe and sound.

Remodel your living space by freeing up the area occupied by the books

There are several different types of readers out there. Some prefer one genre over others, some love to read all genres, some read books for research and studying the authentic way whereas some have inherited a huge collection of books that has planted the reading bug into their minds. The best way to nurture and benefit from this reading habit is by collocating your books in whichever way one deems appropriate to keep your collection decluttered and sorted. If you live in a minimalistic apartment renting a self-storage unit can help you store all the books at one place in a categorized fashion.

Dissuade pests with the help of protective covers

Cover your valuable books with breathable materials in order to protect them from the overhanging dust particles. Some hardbacks are armed with protective covers from the getgo and packaged propelled by the publishers themselves. Similar covers can be made with the help of numerous tutorials available online. Avoid using plastic sheets or containers to store your books as they are not breathable and therefore detrimental to the books.

Safeguard your writings, logs, lecture notes and expensive textbooks

Self-storage units are not just meant to store the work of some amazing writers but can also be utilized to store your personal records as well. For the select and special few who have acquired the taste for writing diaries know that they fill up their share of the cabinet space awfully fast with all their logs. A storage unit can serve as your savior and provide a safe haven to all your journals. These can serve as memorabilia or a time capsule for you and your family while you relive the most noticeable moments of your life through your entries.

Wrapping up

Throughout this article, I have been praising the long-lost art of reading with a physical book in our hands. The uprising of technology is slowly making the practice of putting pen to paper obsolete. Therefore, we need to cherish the books that we possess and keep them as safe as possible to pass on the vellichor to our future generations and appreciate that they value the books and fervent reading.