There are many debates on how PPC Marketing is better than SEO and vice-versa. But how do we find out the right marketing type for us? In this article, we discuss the benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing over SEO, with some valid reasons.

However, SEO has its benefits, but we will discuss that in another part of the same article.

So, let’s get started.

Reasons Why PPC is a good alternative for SEO

Reason #1: Quick

There’s no denying in the fact that PPC is the quickest method to get more leads for your business as compared to the SEO. But how exactly?
All you have to do is do some profitable keyword research and start bidding on the keywords based on your budget. Once you start the campaign, you will start getting clicks from your ads which could eventually convert into leads. However, in SEO, you build links for a few months and wait for the keyword to rank in SERPs gradually.

Reason #2: Budget

SEO comes with a huge monthly budget for link building. One quality backlink from a high authority website could easily cost your $150-$200 per link. And then you have to wait for the link to get indexed on the search engines to see some results. However, in PPC, $200 can bring you a good number of visits to your website which could easily bring you the return on the investment.

Reason #3: Time Saving Process

Ranking keywords from SEO is a long term process and consumes your time in activities like link-building, regular audits, and more. Pay Per click will save the time that you can utilize in converting leads to customers and more. All you have to do it start the campaign and you are good to go.

Reason #4: No link building Required

SEO requires constant link building to keep your rankings consistent. However, the process of link building is not easy and requires a lot of time and effort. You probably would have to write an article and pitch a guest post in order to get a backlink, which in result can affect your rankings positively in few months down the lane. PPC makes your website visible on the first page of the SERPs without building any link.

Reason #5: Ability to select the promotion time

The best thing about pay per click campaigns is that it gives you complete control over your campaign. In the PPC Campaign, you can customize the timings that the visitors can see your ad, you don’t get calls on unwanted hours. Not to mention, full flexibility on the call to action addons.


If your aim is to generate quick leads and not wait till long, pay per click is the way to go. To suggest a good firm, get your pay per click marketing started with Manush Digitech, which is the best PPC company in Noida. Either way, you can learn a few basics and perform the campaign by yourself.