Advertising. All of us have heard the word, and in today’s digital age, almost everyone is more or less familiar with the concept quite accurately. However, when you look at an ad, what do you see? Well, depending on the medium, it could be anything between a single picture accompanied by a logo, or maybe a few words scribbled around talking about how this brand, or this product, or maybe even this person, is the best thing you’ve ever experienced. If you are watching an ad, whether it be on YouTube, on television, or even in the movie halls, then you most likely have a celebrity talking about the same thing. Or maybe it’s a model acting out with a voiceover telling you about the best things about the said product, service, or even a person. Many times, video ads use music highly effectively to their advantage, and create a very strong communication without having to use any voiceover, or sometimes even any words at all! Just music and visuals get the job done!


However, in all these cases, what you are looking at is the end result. You are looking at what the brand wants to show you, a story that the brand wishes to tell. But today, let’s look into a different story, the story of how an ad is created. Firstly, you have someone who wishes to make something known. They want something to be liked by people so that they buy it, whatever it might be. Today, anything from washing machines to shaving machines, and exotic cars to exotic holiday destinations are heavily advertised.


So, you have a person who wants to make something likeable. That is your brand. Most likely in the beginning it’s just a company, but it is an advertiser’s job to make it a brand. Moving on, said person often has a vision of their own which they would share with certain people in an ad agency. Then, after everything is agreed upon, those people tell the “creative” department of an ad agency about what to make, the preferred choice of medium, the time in which to create and execute the plan, etc. These people are in constant touch, both with the brand, and those executing the plan. Be it artists, writers  (or in advertising’s case, copywriters) and everyone that counts. These people collectively are called the “servicing” people and create a department which is named as the “Client Servicing” department. The ‘client’ here being the company/brand for whom the advertising agency is working.


As you can see, a client servicing department is the mediator, and in more ways than one, controls the entire way in which the business is conducted. Right from taking the information from the respective client(s) to communicating it to the departments and personnel concerned.


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