If you have ever written a book, poured your heart, soul, and knowledge into the pages, then you understand the amount of work that is necessary to go from concept to print. Once this book is in print, you will want to share it all with every person in the world who may be slightly interested. This can be for different reasons for different people. Some have knowledge they wish to get out into the world, some wish to entertain, and some feel books will live much longer than they will so they serve as a legacy. Still, others use books to record information and events that may be otherwise forgotten.

No matter why you have chosen to write a book, when it comes time to share it, translation services will be necessary. While there are many professional translation services, not all can translate an entire book of content. This is because book translation services are time consuming and very difficult. The translator must work to keep the content close to the original in message and tone, but in a new language. The translation is almost always longer than the original, but the overall meaning remains. This not only requires a translator who is very well trained, but an editor who can also compare the two versions.

Taking things a step further, if the book to be translated is of a specific genre, then specialized translators may be needed. A Christian translation would be important for Christian base books so verses or specific doctrine could be well translated throughout. This is also true for Christian article translation that needs a well-versed Christian translator so that the original meaning is maintained. While this is well worth the time and effort, those who want to share their work with the world need to understand what it takes to get published and then offer translation of what was published. A few publishing secrets will be shared.

Getting Published

The first step to getting published, not online but in a magazine or book, in full black and white print, is to not accept rejection. The writer of Chicken Soup for the Soul was rejected 140 different times before being published. Some times were business decisions for the publishing company, not the actual book, but he kept at it and has now sold millions of copies.

Another secret you may not realize is that you can learn everything you need to know about writing and publishing. Writing is a process, one that can take some more time than others. No writing is ever perfect, but it may be perfect for what you are hoping to accomplish. Save some of the missteps by reading about publishing before attempting it. It is easy to find books to help you out along the way.

Marketing matters. This not only applies to newly written books, but also translated books. Take time to learn about marketing strategies and then take charge of marketing the book to the intended audience. Most recommend that you should consider marketing before the first word is written. This includes having an online presence so you have an advantage. Most books are sold online whether they are hard copy or digital, so make your presence known.

Though at one time a big publishing company was the only way to publish, times have changed. Self-publishing is acceptable now. Most people will never know who publishes a book, the content is what is important. That being said, you need to spend time and money on your book regardless of how you go about publishing.

Expect that you will meet resistance more than once in the process, but if you stay with it then it will happen at some point. A book is a part of the writer, but that is what has to happen to get a book into print. We are often our own worst enemies, but taking these steps and then taking them again once translation occurs will be well worth it over all.