Small bedrooms can easily become tiny bedroom with all the clutter. To declutter your room, you need to have a smart storage space that is easily in your reach. You know there’s a secret report shows the energy efficiency of the electricity in small, big, medium sized and luxurious sized bedrooms. It’s called the Section J Report. Banzinga, you really thought that was something serious didn’t you? It suggests how you can organize well so that you can have less electricity bills. Moving on, there are so many storage hacks that can help elevate your bedroom.

Step 1: Write Down Your Plan: Having a solid plan and a clarity of the plan is really important before you renovate your bedroom. A blueprint of the bedroom and pictures of all the sides of the bedroom will help in planning about the storage and the number of storage in the bedroom.

Step 2: List it Out!: After the solid plan, make of things you need for new bedroom. Think of the storage that you need. Think of the smart storage in the room. It’s a small room, so you can’t get ambitious with big store wardrobes or cupboards. List out on things that need storage and how easy it will be for you. Storage bed frames, built-in shelves and drawers etc.,

Step-3: Get things started: Discuss a day or two in advance about getting everything organised. Assign work to each household member and get things started with organizing. Don’t make it stressful for your people to give up on things half way. Make it fun and entertaining with some snacks and music on. After you delegate work don’t dominate them with your idea of getting the work done, it might be demeaning to the other person.

Step 4: One step at a time: Make sure on the day you start work, not to overdo. Decide on which part of the room you want to begin with and concentrate on it. After and your family are done with the work, wrap it up and continue with the other part the next day. You’ll get a chance to breathe and you’ll have fresh ideas while you discuss with your family. Else it will get really overwhelming and you might end up cancelling it. It might also create chaos and tensions. Obviously, you don’t want that to happen.

Step 5: Clear Out Every day: After organizing one part of the bedroom, make sure you clear out the things you don’t want in the room every day. Continue this work till the end of the project and you’ll feel relieved to see the neatness and organised room. Looking at the neat and organised room, you’ll feel extremely satisfied with a lovely sleep at night.

Small Bedroom

Places you can decide to store your things.

The above list is the outline of what you must do. The main job here is to plan where you’ll have storage in a small bedroom. You need to plan that out so that you don’t get confused while you work with your family.

Store 1: Under the bed: If you’re renovating the bedroom for your kid, plan the store under the bed for their toys. Under the bed store will be easily reachable for them. It’s also easy for them to place it in after they are done playing. When it comes to an adult room, the under the bed store will be useful to keep the fresh sheets, extra pillows, towels, extra blankets, etc.,

Store 2: Headboard: If you aren’t getting enough space under the bed, above and the sides of the bed are the next best place for storage. Above the bed you can place anything from your kids favorite toys like GI: Jos, stuffed toys, bobble heads etc., and the sides can be study books and comic books. This kind of headboard can be attractive when you get guests or friends in the bedroom.

Store 3: Clothes Rack: If you think wardrobes occupy more space, I think you should eliminate them and keep it open. Have a rack like the one you see in your favorite store. This way you have keep your rack organised and no excuse of being untidy.

Store 4: What all can you hang?: Apart from towels, there are stuffs like scarves and boots that you can hang. Yes, you read it right. You can hang boots. If you have space in the lower section of the wardrobe, you can hang the boots and give space to other things that can be placed along with it. Maybe socks?

Store 5: Above the door storage or rack: Many of us don’t consider the space above the door. It’s the one space that is very unexpected. A rack or a storage, can have either your favorite stuffs, or a storage put away the luggage bags.

Take Away.

With the help of the above ideas, you can come together with your family to plan out a project to change a small bedroom that’s clumsy to an attractive and clever space. With as many storage as you want in the room, you can organize and keep it that way for years to come.