Smoker Minecraft, another great item in your inventory, is the prime focus of your research. Perhaps you might need to cook food in Minecraft, maybe twice as fast as the furnace. Whatever may be your purpose of using smoker, you have landed on the perfect guide on smokers on the web. So chill out and skim through the guide. Let’s see how to make one.

how to make a smoker in minecraft

A smoker is a block that can be used to cook food items, like furnaces, but it takes less time than the furnace. It can also serve as the butcher’s job site look block. If you use it on something other than food items, it won’t work.

Also, the smoker does emit light like furnaces. It emits level 13 light when active. Whereas when inactive it does not. In case of the absence of a butcher, any villager without a profession can become a butcher. Like blast furnaces, smokers can not be moved by pistons


Naturally: Smokers may generate in a house of butcher in a village.

Block loot: Player may obtain smoker by mining it with any pickaxe. If any other tool than pickaxe is used, no smoker will occur.

Crafting Recipe: Also, smokers can be crafted using the recipe described here.

Items Required to make smoker Minecraft:

1 Furnace: Furnaces are another amazing tool in Minecraft inventory which lets you smelt items and cook your favorite meal in the game. It also allows you to make a Minecraft Smoker. So, let’s explore how to make a smoker in minecraft.

4 Wood Logs: Wood Logs are one of the finest product in minecraft that can be used as woods.

Materials required to make a furnace minecraft:

8 Cobblestones: It is an item which player has to find and gather in their Hotbar. Cobblestones cannot be created with furnace or crafting table.