Software outsourcing is known to be the response to some challenges that have been posted by the technologically developing and modern world. The companies are shifting to this kind of solution in order to gain an advantage, optimize the cost, and keep up with all other companies. The solution is basically nothing but the way of creating as well as maintaining software and infrastructure outside their own structure.

In order to build an application for business, software development outsourcing can be known to be one of the best solutions. In this process, the business owners do not have to build or maintain developers, UX designers, IT departments, and also project managers. Each and everything is responsible for indicating that the outsourcing market of software won’t be fading away in the upcoming year 2021. This is the reason why the number of custom software development companies is rising. All the companies are hiring those developers who are qualified and fulfill the requirement of the client.

Trends in software outsourcing for 2021

There were many surprises in the year 2020 and because of the pandemic, there were many remote works, restrictions, and development of a number of dedicated tools. So it can be said in simpler words, that this will produce an effect in the field of software outsourcing in the upcoming year. There are many things to be expected in the year 2021 and some of the important trends are given below-


This year there was a record made by the enterprises of moving their data to the cloud. According to various data and researches, the companies will be spending a total of one trillion dollars for developing the infrastructure of cloud by the end of the year 2020. There are various advantages of data in the cloud, it not only keeps the data secured but also gives access to technology that is innovative.  It is because of this system that the business owners will no longer have to expand their own resources and this will help in making the services of IT much cheaper. Try to hire the best software development services that will meet all your needs.

2020 can be considered to be one of the most important years for the companies to build and implement the technology of the cloud. It is expected that in the year 2021, the supplier’s demand will increase when compared to this year. Moreover,  companies will be paying more attention to data security, identity, and privacy. AWS and Azure can be considered to be the most important cloud solutions which are already offering a wide range of products like Data Analytics Tools, Big Data, automation, data migration, containerization of various processes, and IoT integration. Services that are related to ML and AI is also known to be the key things.

Development of artificial intelligence

Data-driven is the term that can be given to 2020. However, it is important to know that the year 2021 will be the year of AI-driven. All the entities will be seeing success in business in artificial intelligence development. With the help of external companies, the implementation of AI tools that are considered to be a part of the software development outsourcing is underway.AI or artificial intelligence is something that has become tangible similar to specific tools for various companies and in 2021 it will grow even more and at a faster rate. According to the estimation of PwC, it can be said that AI’s impact on the global economy will rise to 15 trillion dollars, and that also by the year 2030. So we can easily have expectations that the IT solutions will come among a number of searches with more innovations.

Companies who will be having the ability to provide tools for automation processes will be playing the key roles in outsourced software development services. There are increased internal areas where AI is being used. So there will be a need for outsourced developers who will be able to implement as well as automate the process. Due to a pandemic in the year 2020, online sales transactions have increased. AI along with IoT has already entered the online shopping world in order to personalize the path of shopping that includes purchasing of right products and also paying for the products.

Similar to that of AI the RPA will also be playing an important role in the next year. RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation.  In short, this process is known to be the process using the software robots that are able to perform repetitive activities in different businesses and that also in a fully automated manner. Many companies are already carrying the RPA projects like the SLS project of Stepwise.

Development of progressive web app and native app

Native applications are known to be those apps that are developed for the specific platform of mobiles like that of iOS and Android. It means that for a single app, different programming languages must be used. In the case of android Java, Kotlin can be used, and for iOS objective-c and Swift can be used. Demand for native apps will depend on various factors like the number of smartphone users, communication, bank transfer, and lifestyle activities. The project basically needs a separate team of developers. They are faster, better support, and more efficient than hybrid and web apps.

PWA is responsible for using network solutions that are innovative. This helps in providing the user with the impression of using a dedicated mobile app. It can be said that Flutter is pretty famous in this field now.


Now for outsourcing, 2021 will bring many changes in the field of technology. Kotlin, Java, and Scala will become very famous. Java is used mostly but Scala and Kotlin will also be used which basically rely on the virtual machine of Java. Some other languages to be used are Flutter, TypeScript, and Python. According to various reports of 2019, Eastern Europe is becoming very famous for outsourcing software development. Open-source development services are also becoming famous which must be chosen wisely