Movies will still be a platform for people to pursue fashion advice. If it is the awkward fashion of superheroes who accomplish monumental challenges to defend the human race, or more understated warriors looking to beat daily life – even the enemies who create a poor look,  these characters become the standard for coolness.

The depiction of “The Driver” by Ryan Gosling in the movie “Drive” not only rewrote the book on what it was based on, it also made several people alter their styles to match Mr. Gosling. He wasn’t like James Bond as a debonair, but he wasn’t a stock-grease monkey, either. In fact, Gosling’s choice of fashion was important to the movie itself and also forecasted numerous sartorial patterns that followed the release of the film. In the movie, the Drive Ryan Gosling jacket stands out to be the next cool thing in the fashion market. Stealing his look from the movie can be pretty easy if you follow the guide down below:

Scorpion Jacket:

The most important thing to steal his look is to have a similar scorpion jacket, such as the one featured in the film. You can get a similar jacket at fair prices from Marvel Jacket. They are made of real colors and genuine leather, which further adds beauty to this jacket. The scorpion on the back seems to come to life. The original jacket’s spunky style is attention capturing and eye-catching. The material of the jacket is undisputed, and if you used your fair day cash on the scorpion jacket, you would not be shameful. Based on “Drive” film, this jacket will offer you the ultimate Ryan Gosling look!

A White Shirt:

Ryan used to wear a basic, white t-shirt under the jacket on the movie drive. Therefore, the next thing is straightforward, a white shirt with the scorpion jacket can complete the look halfway. It’s necessary to have a simple white T-shirt, otherwise, the essence of the Drive costume will drive prople’s gazes away. It is also strongly recommended that you only use a white t-shirt instead of a colored t-shirt.


Ryan played a driver and a vehicle push stuntman in the movie “drive”. He used to wear a pair of leather gloves as a driver. It is vital to get hold of them if you want to dress like him in the “drive” movie.

The leather gloves are cool because they are needed for cosplay. These full fingerless leather gloves are an outstanding complement to your clothes, making you look like a big bad racer.


It’s really important to wear the right denim for this style. Without these bootcut pants, the casual driver look cannot be pulled off. You may even wear other suits, but they aren’t as specific as you like. Therefore, you need the right pants for the ideal cosplay. Otherwise, you’ll be someone else in someone else’s trousers that is not up to the mark.


As in most heist movies, time plays a significant part, as shown by The drivers’ own five-minute rule that states, “you give me a time and a place, I give you a five-minute window. Anything happens in that five minutes and I’m yours. No matter what. Anything happens a minute on either side of that and you’re on your own.”

The character of Gosling opts for a one-of-a-kind watch with a clean, vibrant face and a brown leather band, which he would tighten on the steering wheel of its moving vehicle. For this look, you have to get a similar watch.


Like his scorpion jacket, the sunglasses of the driver are also a clear reflection of his character’s world interpretation. Without these sunglasses, the thrill of the equipment is just 50%. These sunglasses add the perfect amount of audacity and sassiness to your personality. You must pick them up for a similar look.


Ryan wore a leather boot with a leather sole in the movie. In order to fill in the place of the style, you need to grab a hold of similar boots to rock his style as he did in the movie “drive”.

Ryan Gosling is an international icon and one of the most widely followed celebrities in the world. Whatever he chooses to wear in his movies, becomes the next fashion sensation worldwide. Ryan gosling blade runner coat or his decent suits in La La Land, were in the topmost trendy fashion outfits for men. Grabbing his look from the movie drive isn’t difficult if you acquire the things discussed above.