Content marketing is to create, distribute, and share content to engage the audience, generate leads, improve on branding, and various other marketing goals. It is the main part of your business and hence it requires a strategic approach and that is what exactly Content Marketing Strategy is about. Content marketing is used to grow traffic and to increase conversions. Digital marketing services in Delhi guide you with content marketing strategies so that your business can be visible at a larger level and grow gradually. 

You can think of Content Marketing Strategy as a sketch of your business and customer requirements. It also contains a detailed plan as the ways that you will use content to address them. 

B2B carries out long-term sales and is known as business-to-business. It targets bulk buyers and companies and its success is due to its sheer volume. For effective B2B marketing, proper B2B communication should be in place. It should inform the details about the product like cost, offers, delivery schedule, etc. So, to set all this place, content marketing comes in. B2B content marketing is an art to develop and distribute relevant and good content to appeal to wholesale buyers and companies. A proper Content Marketing Strategy for B2B following steps:

  • Set your Mission and Goals – For a good starting point of your content strategy plan starts with a content marketing mission and goal. This is a short statement that primarily focuses on what is and not important to create your content. This will ensure that your content marketing strategy is on track. The mission for your content marketing would cover up the following:
    1. Your target audience
    2. Content to reach them
    3. The benefit that they would get

The goal would include:

  1. Improving revenue and sales
  2. Get more traffic
  3. Improve the perception of your business
  4. Gain influence and authority
  5. SEO success
  6. Reduced marketing costs
  7. Social media engagement
  • Set up your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) – The ideal method to accomplish goals is to make it specific and measurable. Meaning that, for your content marketing strategy, set your KPIs. It will tell you when you accomplished your goals. This is monitored by providing milestones. It would include the plan that you have created to achieve with respect to sales, revenues, SEO, traffic, and many other aspects of digital marketing such as email marketing and social media metrics. It would indicate some numbers linked to them. B2B Content Marketing Strategy Examples for setting your KPIs includes:
    1. Make a specific revenue target within a month, quarter, year, etc.
    2. Get more signups
    3. Get number of email subscribers
    4. Increase in website traffic
    5. Improve on the search rank
  • Know your audience – For a successful content marketing strategy, you should know your audience. You should be aware of your audience so that you can create the appropriate content to reach them. You need to collect three actions for this:
    1. Collect demographic data – You need to collect demographics about your visitors, social media followers, email subscribers, etc.
    2. Get customer feedback – To know about your target audience, you need to collect the customer feedback
    3. Create buyer personas – Buyer personas describe your ideal customers, and this would help you to target content better
  • Analyze your current position – Many businesses have content already. So, you need to conduct a content audit. This would include:
    1. Logging all types of content – blog posts, guest posts, etc.
    2. Measure their success 
    3. Identify gaps if any

Also, you need to compare your content with the competitors and see the way the new content will fit in the market.

  • Find out the best content channels – When you start to work out with this process, you would get a sense of your audience and where is your online presence successful. You can find out what is working and then expand from there. You can also have a look at Google Analytics to check out where your content is being shared.
  • Take a decision on the content types – Have an idea of the content types. Few content types are being used by every content marketing strategy. Most of the successful content marketing strategy depends on to create the main content being published on the website and then be shared on other websites. Having a blog post is essential for your content marketing mix and it delivers a strong result. Having a blog post will be valuable, actionable, shareable and would include article types range. You could video marketing that is an important part of marketing. It would engage your visitor and improves lead generation. 
  • Recognize and assign resources – Now, that you are aware of the content type that you plan to create, for whom, and where you plan to share is important. This would ensure that you have got all that you require to deliver on your content marketing strategy. The following points would be taken care at this point:
    1. Who is responsible for content development and maintenance?
    2. The tools and resources required to develop content
    3. How is your publishing workflow look like? 
  • Develop a content calendar – For a proper content strategy, you need to know exactly when you should publish your content on the platforms that you plan to use. Content marketing mistake occurs when there is not proper calendar set in place. Hence, it is essential to make use of a content calendar to schedule all your content. There are many ways to do this:
    1. Make use of Google calendar
    2. Simply put the due dates for all the content piece
  • Content Creation – We have seen a lot of preparation work in your content marketing strategy before you start your content creation. At this point, you need to create the content. Content creation has the following steps:
    1. Research on the content
    2. Create the content
    3. Proofread the content
    4. Check the grammar and spellings
  • Distribute and Market – The next important part of content marketing is distributing and marketing. You will not be able to get the results that you require unless they are handled properly. You would have:
    1. Set a schedule to share your content on social media
    2. Make use of email marketing to distribute content to subscribers
    3. Notify influencers to spread the word
  • Measure and Analyse Results – Once your content is done, you need to measure the success of your content marketing strategy. Measuring and analyzing your content marketing result will help you to figure out what is working and what is not. You will also get to know where needs the improvement. For this, you need to get back to those KPIs at the beginning of the plan and see what has changed and whether you have hit the right target. For this:
    1. Check with the Google Analytics
    2. Measure social sharing activity through social analytics tools
    3. Other tools to track content marketing success 

When you monitor your progress, you will be able to tweak your strategy on a regular basis.


From the above steps, you have been successful in content marketing strategy from start to end. Make use of these steps to have a proper content marketing strategy in place.