ac repair Fort Luaderdale

When the outdoor temperature is already low, using an air conditioner to cool your home is not a good idea. In short, cooling systems are completely useless during the winter season, but when the temperature increases, they become crucial again. We are about to enter that period of the year when many of us start using air conditioners again. You should know that it’s never a good idea to restart an AC unit straightaway after a long break. It is because the possibility of a sudden malfunctioning is higher when you restart the appliance after a long break.

According to the experts of ac repair Fort Lauderdale, you need to follow a few steps when restarting your air conditioner after a long break, i.e. after the end of the winter season. But if you restart your appliance straight-away, you might even need ac repair Fort Lauderdale services later.

Let’s have a look at the steps you need to follow before turning on your AC after a long break.

Yes, the presence of dust particles on the filters is normal, but you shouldn’t show negligence towards it. You need to clean the filters before you start using the air conditioning system again. It is easy to clean the filters using a brush and water, but be cautious while doing so.

If possible, inspect all the electrical connections and wires in order to avoid major mishaps. Remember that the exposed wires are likely to get damaged over a certain time period. So, before you turn on the power supply, make sure that all the wires are in a safe condition.

It is difficult for a normal person to check the refrigerant level and to clean the AC coils, but if you think yourself capable of this, perform both the tasks before turning on the AC unit. Apart from this, don’t forget to conduct the duct leaking test, or you may also call an expert for this.

You are now all set to restart your air conditioning system. But if you find something wrong with the system after turning it on, immediately contact a professional AC technician.