Today in digital world lots of new technologies available. Internet website is one of them.

By using of Website people can do digital marketing, online shopping and eCommerce business worldwide. In the trend of digital marketing and online shopping people can buy/sell any of digital as well as physical goods.

Let we taken one example of Super Mall / Super Market i.e. WallMart, Target Stores, Best Buy Stores, Aldi Grocery Stores etc.

In that Super Mall / Super Market people can buy grocery, beauty, clothes, Shoes, crockery items, utensils and all types of daily routines items. These types of malls and super markets available over the city and country.

Now some of person go to somewhere in different country or different city and now aware of that nearest any super market or super mall. So, what will he or she do? now that person open website of any supermall or super market and check addresses of each. And if there are multiple stores available in some city so, how can he / she know best nearest store’s address? And how much distance of stores from current person’s zip code? Store Locator is best of solutions for that.

We Pin Point Store Locator provide solutions for these types of super mall or super market. Super Market owner need to open account in our website ( add their Store Title, Store Address, City, State, zip code, Phone number in website. and we pin point store locator provides you some two lines of basic html code to you. Store owner just need to paste that code in their Super Mall / Super markets’ website at where they want to show or run Store Locator. That Store Locator is totally customizable, Store owner can set background color, title, font size, font color and lots like which match to their current website.

We Pin Point Store Locator provide some extra and unique functionality for WordPress users. Pin Point Team provides one of robust and easy plugin for WordPress users. User just need to install above plugin from admin section and go to settings and add to API key in that. And also need to put [PIN_POINT_STORE_LOCATOR] short code in their post/page at where they want to show our store locator.

We Pin Point Store Locator team provide one more unique features for our all of customers to show their all stores in our Android Application for Android users, and that stores listings is totally free for life time.

We Pin Point Store Locator provide lots of features for Internet users, who want to grow their business as well as grow their customers count.

Do you want to increase your stores worldwide and give more functionality for internet users so, why to wait just go to register your business on our Store Locator Portal.