Those people who are fitness freaks always focus on proper diet to keep their bodies up to the level. At the same time, they sometimes forget to have a look at their mental health. Adequate functioning of the mind is also essential as the body, and for that too, diet plays a vital role. There are some foods that aid in boosting good health for keeping mental health at the level.

You could quickly get the treatment for your mental health from your kitchen. This kind of intake also helps in treating different types of psychological problems like anxiety and depression. With the use of some superfoods, you could easily keep your brain healthy. Let’s have a look below.

Dark green leaves:

Leaves help in fighting any inflammation, and several depressions which are linked with depression. Ultimately green leafy vegetables are right to fight depression. They are rich in several vitamins like A, C, E, and K. Along with that, it is also rich in phytochemicals and minerals, which boost the functioning of the brain.


It is a well-known food for boosting brainpower. This dry fruit resembles a similar brain structure, and it is also very rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Daily intake of a handful of walnuts is a proper way to start the day and keeping yourself active for the work. This food is also known for reducing depression symptoms.

Cannabis oil:

Cannabis oil or CBD oil is made from the plant known as Cannabis and Marijuana, the other name of it. This oil is very much useful for treating chronic pain and also making out good mental health. This kind of drug is prohibited but then also planted for medical use. Thanks to the cannabis growing Canada program, which runs to issue the license in Canada.


Berries like blueberry, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries are rich in antioxidants. Even research shows that a person who takes berries for at least two years could get relief from anxiety and depression. The high level of antioxidants could also be used to repair the DNA.


It is rich in folic acid and alpha-lipoic acid, which is good for fighting depression. Folic acid prevents the excess of homocysteine, and this results in the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. Tomato helps in stabilizing the mood while converting glucose into energy.


You might hear a common and popular idiom that an Apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is not a myth and a hundred percent correct proverbs. Apples are rich in iron and antioxidants, which help in repairing the oxidation damage and inflammation. Along with that, it is full of soluble fiber which is easy to digest and gives out a good effect on mental health.

Final touch:

Diet is playing a vital role in keeping the health to a high level, whether it is physical or mental. You must follow a proper diet to keep yourself active and energetic. You could easily get many things in your kitchen, which are suitable for your health. So have a proper diet and relax.