Reports have shown that inaccurate or outdated medical coding practices resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars. As a medical coding process involves codes for diagnostic, surgery etc, where the insurance companies use these codes to determine the amount of reimbursement claimed by healthcare providers or medical practitioners; inaccurate coding leads to loss of payment. Aiming in provide uniformity like surgery coding, medical coding is used universally, as it is easy for the insurers to identify the procedure. However, worry no more when Sunknowledge Services Inc is here handing your surgical medical coding services.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: the perfect platform for your surgical medical coding services:

From handling all complex portion of the CPT codes, presents procedural, modifier, and diagnostic coding challenges, Sunknowledge Services Inc excel in providing out of the box customized billing and coding assistance. Being the perfect billing and coding destination for more than 20 specialties including HME/HME, ambulance, surgical medical coding service, Sunknowledge today is one of the leading one stop destination for all medical coding services.

With a team of certified surgical medical coders each focusing on particular surgical specialties, Sunknowledge coders ensure providing error-free charge sheets within agreed TAT provided by the client.

In fact, Sunknowledge coders are always up to date with all codes and its changes as they have a complete understanding of how the legal and financial risks of upcoding or undervaluation are enormous and a huge waste of time.

Ensuring 99.9% accuracy rate in all the coding services especially in surgical medical coding, Sunknowledge has a team of certified surgical coders who focuses on particular surgical specialties. Reviewing every code properly and providing quality assurance, the Sunknowledge team is best at assigning ICD-10. With more than 100s of satisfied clients and excellent industry credentials, Sunknowledge Services works as a part of the client’s external team helping in 80% operational cost reduction. Ensuring a seamless surgical medical coding process along with proper revenue generation with complete operational transparency, Sunknowledge takes the complete coding responsibility.

So get in touch with the Sunknowledge experts over a ‘no commitment call’ and put an end to all your surgical medical coding worries. Sunknowledge services Inc will not only bring improvement through seamless medical coding process but also way to financial enhancement for a better revenue cycle management. We are just a call away!