The engine is claimed to be the heart of the vehicle. If your vehicle’s engine is glitched, there are high chances that you will face a breakdown anytime soon, and you may end up calling out a towing expert or roadside assistance for help, which will leave you with hundreds of dollars bill. But, if you are subscribed to All Sydney Tow Truck’s membership, then it won’t be that heavy on your pocket as we provide the most affordable towing service in Sydney and roadside assistance, while not compromising on the quality.

All Sydney Tow Truck being the responsible and best towing service provider will guide you about all the possible symptoms that your car’s engine may show if there’s some fault in it, and you can rectify it immediately before it breaks down, as we understand that the breakdown takes a great toll on the sufferer’s mind.

All the probable signs and symptoms which may occur in result of a glitched engine are enlisted below:

 Loss of engine power

Internal fault in the engine halts the performance of the entire car. You will feel that the engine is struggling to run at its usual level if there’s something wrong in there. Your car may stall, shake at high speeds, or you may experience difficulty in racing it up.

Smoke coming out of the exhaust

Smoke coming out of the exhaust also indicates that there may be some fault in the engine.

Weird sounds coming from the hood

If you hear a knocking sound coming from under the bonnet or the engine’s sound is louder than the normal, then there is surely a glitch in your engine, and it needs to be checked by a professional.

Oil puddle under the car

Spot a puddle of oil under the car? It is an unfortunate sign that there’s a leakage in your engine, and you need to get the engine leaks sealed as soon as possible before all the oil runs out.

Odors inside the car

Odor of a car’s emission should never be noticeable from inside the vehicle’s compartment. If you smell the odor from inside the car, don’t ignore them or expect them to go away, rather get your car checked from an expert.

The check engine light turns on

There is no better way to indicate that there is something wrong with your engine than to have a check engine light turned on to alert you.

At times, there are no signs or symptoms of any fault in the engine, but you may still face an uncalled breakdown, and for those times, you can always rely on the town’s best towing service and the most affordable roadside assistance provided by All Sydney Tow Truck.