Ovarian Cancer is a type of cancerous growth that starts from the Ovary. Ovary is an essential part of a female that produces eggs. Ovarian cancer is the most dangerous disease witnessed among women. In fact, in US, the disease is becoming the major reason behind death according to the American Cancer Society.

According to one report by ACS, in 2019 there were around 22.530 people in the US received the diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Major Risk Factors And Causes Of Ovarian Cancer

The ovarian cancer usually develops when cells in the ovary starts multiplying the body in the uncontrolled way. Some of the major causes of ovarian cancers are-

Family History

If there is any close relative with the history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer, then there is a huge chance of developing the same.

Other than this, the age of the person also matters the most in the attack of ovarian cancer. 50% of cancer cases occur when the patient reaches 63 yrs. of age.

Reproductive History

If the female has one of more full term pregnancies then it can be associated with lower risk of ovarian cancer. If the female has children after the age of 35, then there is a chance of getting this cancer. If the women has undergone any types of fertility treatment, then there is a high chance of developing borderline cells.

Radiation Therapy

If the woman underwent any kind of radiation therapy or hormone therapy after menopause, then it can increase the risk of ovarian cancer. Longer the person undergoes the therapy, higher is the risk.

Obesity and Overweight

If the female is overweight and unable to bring down the weight, then there is a huge chance of getting ovarian cancer.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

The doctor would recommend undergoing ovarian cancer treatment in case there are certain symptoms shown in your body. In the early stage of ovarian cancer, there may be no or fever symptoms. In many cases, symptoms can resemble other conditions including- premenstrual syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, or a temporary bladder problem.

Each of the symptoms in the early stage may include-

  • Pain or pressure in the pelvis
  • Unexpected vaginal bleeding
  • Pain in the back or abdomen
  • Bloating
  • Feeling full rapidly when eating

Who Can Treat Ovarian Cancer?

Not every doctor is eligible to treat ovarian cancer. There are three types of doctors who can conduct the treatment-

  • Gynecologic Oncologist- This doctor is the one who is specially trained to use surgery to treat ovarian cancer. In many cases, they might even treat through therapy
  • Radiation Oncologist who will use radiation to treat cancer
  • Medical oncologist using chemotherapy

Making Decisions For Treatment

The ovarian cancer treatment completely depends on many factors including health and the stage at which the cancer the patient has. It is highly important to discuss with your doctor regarding the treatment. If you have any questions, then you need to be clear with the doctor.