Re-Logic’s popular action-adventure sandbox game, Terraria, was released back in 2011, but the game still persists in ruling over the minds of gamers. Re-Logic’s perseverance of including new updates and events to Terraria is the major factor behind its massive success. Till now, the game has managed to intrigue the gamers towards it. Being a bias too, we also considered Terraria as the best game amongst others in its segment. Those who are new to the world of Terraria must not be familiar with the objective and other useful aspects of it.

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One of the most useful aspects of Terraria that impacts positively on the game is to brew potions. The potion aspects help the players to knock down the mafia bosses of Terraria quite easily. Thus, now it is a must know aspect for every gamer of Terraria. The potions’ quality is merely based upon the ingredients that have been used to craft it. Moonglow is one of the most useful ingredients in the world of Terraria to craft potions with potency. In the subsequent blog, we are going to help the gamers through a proper workaround to farm Moonglow in Terraria. It is highly suggested to be aware while reading the below-written steps to get rid of making any mistake in farming and crafting of Moonglow.

Where to Find Moonglow

The only phenomenon that makes farming of Moonglow difficult is its spawn rate. Moonglows only spawns in a specific region known as Jungle Biome. The gamers need to attain the seeds of Moonglow through Jungle biome. After that, the gamers need to harvest Moonglow on their field. The gamers need to fetch the seeds of the Moonglow from Jungle Biome in the night and later on harvest their Moonglow’s seed at night, too, as the game objective has restricted its blooming at night.

Another restriction is that the Moonglow can only harvest on Jungle Grass. However, there are several permissive updates in favor of gamers too. The major one is that gamers can use any tool to craft Moonglow. There is also a limit to harvest seeds, which is that gamers can only grow the maximum number of three seeds at one time. The gamers need to be aware a lot with the above-mentioned limitations as the game will diminish the rest of the seeds in case players tried to grow seeds in large numbers. The gamers need to craft the potions as soon as they get the flower of Moonglow in the night alongside they have to keep on harvesting more seeds.

The Moonglow will help the gamers to craft some of the best-considered potions of Terraria such as Gender Change PotionAmmo Reservation PotionLifeforce Potion and Invisibility Potion. However, along with Moonglow, these potions will require more ingredients, including water, but Moonglow is a major prerequisite for their brewing. Inside the Jungle Biome, the gamers can easily identify Moonglow through their fluorescent aura.


Re-Logic has been acclaimed globally for the development of Terraria. They keep on including new features and updates to Terraria to keep its essence always new. However, it is quite disappointing too that even after nine years and massive demand, they haven’t developed a new version of Terraria. We do believe that our article will help you in finding and farming Moonglow. In addition to this, it is highly advisable not to use any irrelevant steps to farm or craft Moonglow. For any sort of inappropriate information or mistake in the article, we are extremely apologetic about it.

The gamers who haven’t obtained the gaming experience of Terraria and are willing to attain it can play it on Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPS4PC and Mobile.