It is essential to carry out a thorough cleaning of the machine, with the pilot software, a mild detergent, and an air compressor. If you see signs of weakness, a professional overhaul is ideal for maintenance.

Cleaning via the pilot software

Before the first use of a printer, each device has an installation driver, which is used to understand and manage each command. It is also used to align the printheads, which can be the beginning of deeper cleaning.

The pilot is not only used for the first impression. It can be used as many times as necessary. At each use, on a test print, we can test and see if the printout is correct.

Print head maintenance

The print head can become dirty as you go along. This maintenance step is often overlooked for fear of damaging the printer. In no case should you use an abrasive product or an overly scouring product?

A cotton swab just soaked in water is enough to remove dust and other impurities. To dry the print head, soft cloth is perfect.

Cleaning the paper feed rollers

Has the quality of printing been greatly reduced? Many people think that their printer is at the end of its life, due to long streaks of ink on both sides of the sheet.

You only need to disassemble the paper feed rollers and clean them with soapy water. If the ink is persistent, it is possible to use a universal stain remover, such as “scarlet water”.

The dusting of airways and fans

Is your printer heating up quickly? After about ten printed sheets, a printer can be hot to the touch and even smell burnt. There is no need to panic. Above all, the origin of the problem must be determined. If it is electrical, the printer should go to repair as soon as possible.

The suction grilles and fans are often prey to dust, which tends to clog them. It is enough to make a dusting in order, by removing the protective grid and using a small compressor at low pressure. Otherwise, an air bomb that can be used to clean keyboards can do the trick.

A professional review

Lest we make unnecessary expenses, we often hesitate to overhaul devices like the printer. We think that at the slightest sign of weakness, it is better to simply replace it.

However, a professional has all the equipment necessary to do a thorough cleaning and extend the life of his life. It is even possible to opt for a printer annual maintenance contract Dubai, depending on the brand, for more peace of mind.