There are always couples who want intimacy without the risk of developing a baby in the would-be-mother’s womb. To counteract this, birth control is usually the direction they would go in. Thankfully, birth control comes in many different forms today. There are prescription methods, over the counter methods, and even a method that the man undergoes rather than the woman. If you are wondering what the best way to prevent pregnancy is for you, read on to review some of the most powerful types of birth control medicine there is out there.
Your doctor can give you a shot every 90 days which contains progestin. This shot is meant to thicken the cervical mucus and affect ovulation so that pregnancy isn’t possible. A shot can mean you won’t have to do anything else for three months until you have to go back to the doctor. The catch, though, is that it’s possible for women to not get a period at all. Women have also reported to have nasty side effects such as headaches, depression, and nausea. It’s also important that you make each doctor visit, as missing a visit can delay your next shot.
Vaginal Ring
One of the most practical means of preventing pregnancy is to simply place a vaginal ring inside the woman’s vagina. After inserting this ring, you won’t need to do anything else for three weeks. This is a flexible ring that is about two inches wide, but this ring also releases estrogen and progestin inside your body. How pregnancy is prevented is that this thickens the cervical music and affects ovulation. This is an incredibly effective birth control method, and one of the products you can get is Nuvaring. Buy Nuvaring online to get a good deal on a brand name product.
The patch is considered a topical alternative to the ring, so no need to stick something inside of your body if you do not want to. A patch is to be applied to the skin every three weeks and then remove the patch for a week so that you can get your period. When placed on the skin, the patch will release estrogen and progestin, which affects the behavior of the ovaries and also thickens the cervical mucus, making your body incapable of forming embryo with sperm. A patch is considered equally as effective as a cervical ring, but it might be harder for keep the patch on your skin for a number of weeks.
Hormone Pills
If you don’t like the idea of a topical or insertable birth control method, there are pills that women can consume to prevent pregnancy. These are considered more affordable than rings or patches. When consumed, these pills release progestin in order to make cervical mucus thick and incapable of fertility for a period of time. They also affect how eggs are released. The caveat to hormone pills is that there is a chance you might forget to take one day. With that said, be sure to have a backup birth control method available.
Also known as the “morning after pill”, Levonorgestrel is considered an emergency pill after a condom is broken or doesn’t work, or unprotected sex. It will neutralize any sign of pregnancy that could possibly form in the body. What’s great about this pill is that it will work for up to 72 hours following the sex. There are over the counter versions of this pill, but we consider Levonorgestrel to be the real deal. The downside to taking this is that you may have short episodes of headache, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, and pain in the abdomen. Your upcoming period may also be irregular as a result. While it does great preventing pregnancy, you may want to choose a more tolerable method, but Levonorgestrel does work in certain scenarios.
Ulipristal Acetate
Another version of the “morning after pill”, ulipristal acetate also works in case of unprotected sex; for up to five days to be precise. It typically goes under the brand name Ella on prescription drug sites, and is considered more effective than Levonorgestrel, as it contains a much higher dosage. Like Levonorgestrel, you might get cases of vomiting, nausea, headaches, tiredness, and pain, maybe even more severe than from Levonorgestrel. Your period also be irregular as a result of taking ulipristal acetate.
There are many types of birth control methods you can get in the form of prescription medicine. Considering all the options for birth control, there should be some that work with your lifestyle better than others. If you are curious about which birth control methods can protect from STDs, only male condoms are capable of doing so as of this writing, but in regards to preventing pregnancy, there are better choices as previously mentioned.