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Phone Repair in Paris
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The relationship we have with phones has changed a lot over the past decade. Indispensable companion in everyday life and a real e-comforter, we quickly feel lost when our smartphone malfunctions or finds itself broken down. Your Fix Phone screen is broken? Its charging connector is faulty? Does his battery no longer hold? No panic and no need to ruin yourself: take advantage of our coupons and coupons on phone repairs in Paris.

Deals on phone repairs in Paris: good to know
Your smartphone was particularly expensive to buy and now that it makes its own? Or maybe he escaped from your hands and his window broke? No need to spend too much to have a working phone again.

With our service providers offering iPhone repair in Paris for cheap, find a functional phone without spending your salary! Quickly discover our advice for a cheap phone repair in Paris.

How to prevent cracks on a smartphone screen?
If iPhone repair in Paris is now more than affordable thanks to Groupon offers, it’s still better to avoid breakage! So think about:

Equip your smartphone with a protective shell or cover . Robust and aesthetic, they help limit shocks during a fall or during your sports practice!
Ask a tempered glass for iPhone at Vm Monge , this resistant film effectively protects your phone from scratches, impacts and cracks.
I broke the glass of my smartphone, what should I do?
If you had not equipped your smartphone with protection or even though, despite your precautions, its fall was too great and the glass of your iPhone was broken, here are the good actions to adopt.

Save your data: in order not to lose anything from your photos and contacts if your smartphone is declared irreparable by your phone repairer in Paris.
If your phone screen is cracked, it can indeed cause internal problems due to the shock generated by the fall (and cause damage to the home button, the camera or the speaker) .

Do not wait to have your smartphone repaired: perhaps this slight crack does not hinder the use of your smartphone and you do not make its repair a priority.
However you should, because a broken or cracked smartphone screen, it is a risk that dust, pieces of glass or humidity come to lodge in the internal components and cause significant damage.

Browse the coupons for cheap iPhone repairs in Paris and restore your phone to health before the damage gets worse and you need to buy a new one. The Smartphone workshop welcomes you in the heart of the capital for fast, high-quality service.
My smartphone is no longer charging, where is the problem?
The causes behind a bad charge can be many! It can in particular be:

A faulty charger, the problem comes from the cable. Then try to charge your phone with a new charger .
The port of the phone receiving the charger is filled with dust and the connectors no longer perform their role due to dirt.
Your smartphone battery has a problem.
The phone port is faulty.
Avoid cleaning the port yourself with a toothpick. This can damage the connectors and cause significant damage. Instead, consider taking your smartphone to Repair Center for a professional diagnosis and a repair of your phone in Paris at a reduced price and faster.

Where to benefit from a cheap iPhone repair in Paris?
Apple phones are already particularly expensive to acquire. Do not worry, whether you are looking for an iPhone repair partner in the 11th district, near or in the heart of the capital, you should have no trouble finding a cheap iPhone repair in Paris. You can also visit the following repair shops:

Gsminute : This store restores iPhones with repair and screen change.
High Tech Repair Center : Team of professionals who provide a total repair of LCD screen for iPhone.

phone repair in store

Aubgi Phone has been rigorously repairing the phones of individuals and professionals since 2009 in two shops located at strategic points and very accessible in the Yonne:

In Sens (89100, 138 rue des Deportés and de la Résistance) from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
In Auxerre (89000, 54 rue du Temple) from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
The Aubgi Phone teams have almost 10 years of experience in repairing phones of all brands . The interventions carried out by these experts in new technologies are as follows:

Phone screen change
Battery cover replacement
Replacement of charge connector, microphone etc …
Operator unlocking / Unlocking
Whether you have a Samsung, an Iphone or even a Wiko, repairs made by Aubgi Phone are done as soon as possible , right in front of your eyes in the store.
Only the necessary interventions will be invoiced to you, in an approach of transparency with a strong commitment for the respect of the tariffs .

The tablets and other computer equipment may also be examined and rehabilitated walk by experts from these stores Auxerre.