During the pandemic that has swept the planet away from its feet, the adjustment has been made to the time requirement. You don’t have to come to lockdown between you and a pilot’s dream. The online CPL Ground classes for students were introduced to ensure that time during lockdown is used as effectively as possible. Opt DGCA Ground Classes in Hyderabad.

Daily mock tests are conducted for all subjects so the student can access each level.

No assessments are performed on the entire programme after completion of the preparation so that the student can prepare to complete the exam on time.

The Academy will supply all study content.

Navigation by Air

The concepts and characteristics of effective navigation systems; operation of airborne equipment; practical problems of air navigation and dead-end accounting techniques. Air navigation, including the use of aerospace maps, instruments and aids;

Using radio navigation aids for practical air navigation.

A usage, accurate use and reliability of flight departure, approach and landing phases navigation systems; radio navigation aid recognition, etc.


Interpretation and execution of aeronautical meteorological data, diagrams and predictions, use of meteorological information, weather details, in-flight details and procedures; altimetry.

Aeronautical meteorology; climatology of areas concerned with airborne elements; the movement of pressure systems, frontier structures and sources and characteristics of critical meteorological conditions affecting the conditions for departure, en-route and landing; hazardous environment prevention and more.

Aeroplane in the sky

Who’s not dreaming of having a gold wing and stars on their backs on their chests? The reality is that very few people have the confidence to understand this dream. It’s one of the world’s most prestigious and well-paying occupations and it’s part of the work worldwide.

The first step to becoming a first officer of every airline is the acquisition of a Commercial Pilot License. It is the wings that your career would take away.

How Can I Begin?

You need to begin clearing medical and medical tests of class2 of your flight training and class1 of your CPL problem. Class2 of that is needed to do flying training. Then you will need a DGCA computer code, which is a special reference number for anything relevant to your aviation field, such as CPL examinations, etc.


With physics & mathematics as obligatory subject matter, you need a simple qualification of 10 + 2

Candidates not getting PCM at their 12th grade, minimum age -18 years for the acquisition of a CPL Notice. You can also apply, but via the open board, you have to clear your 12th.


Inland groups, the following topics are covered:

Navigation by air

Control on air transport

Weather Weather

General Technological

Specific technical information

Telecommunications radio

NOTE 1: field class length is three months.

NOTE 2: WPC (Wireless Planning Coordination Wing) telephony is performed every 2 months. Every 2 months. Every fifth, all other topics are led by DGCA.

NOTE 3: DGCA conducts examinations every fifth. (India Across)


General Technological

Flight Theory

Systems and Airframe

Systems Electric

Plant Strength

Emergency Services

Aerodynamics Substantive

Aerodynamics Transonic

Power and More

RTR Limited Radio Telephony (A)

Section I – Move

Theory Part II

Every 2 months, the WPC exam RTR (A) is performed.

Training requires -75 hours of training.

Pilot Student flying a Plane

How Do I Receive a DGCA?

Keep a valid DGCA Medical Class 1 certificate. The required theoretical knowledge and flight instructions must be successfully completed by DGCA-licensed flight training organisations. The theoretical awareness exams and a flight simulation have been performed successfully.

How Do DGCA Tests Look?

The DGCA currently conducts periodic assessments at its designated centres for a mixture of “computer and paper-based examinations.” The National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) has now established a new, merged platform for the crew for DGCA. opt Best Pilot Training Institute in India.