Does Technology Plays Two Side-Roles As Well?. 2

How About Regular Study Habits? 50/50. 2

Entertainment while Studying!. 2

What about the Eye-Care?. 2

Learn while you play. 3

Multitasking while Studying is a No-Go. 3

Researching? Not a Problem!. 3

Wrapping it up!. 3

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The glass is half full                                                          The glass is half empty

(Ignoring the water spill out of the glass)

There are always two perspectives in judging something.

No, we are not appreciating the ‘judgemental’ attitude which is clearly annoying when it is rude.

But, declaring that it depends on the person on how he or she perceives the thing or behavior. Calling this glass half full is not wrong and calling is half empty is also not wrong.

But what is right?

The answer is “BOTH”.

Does Technology Play Two Side-Roles As Well?

It does!

Just like everything else. Technology comes with both sides of our world.

Yes! We are benefitting the most from it but, saying that it is harmful to the human life-style is also not wrong to declare.

On one hand where students use to struggle in finding term paper writing services in the United States are benefitting from online education apps for their academic growth. Where everything is just one tap away.

If everything is so easy then how…

How About Regular Study Habits? 50/50

If I’ll get everything set on my plate by others then why in the world would I ever bother myself to do so?

Just like that, if I can contact my professor through WhatsApp at any time of the day then, would he be holding extra classes for major course queries? No! And what does it create? Limited amount of information according to the options of any communicating app. You can’t judge the face expressions naturally and can’t even show proper gestures.

Human behavior is totally changed by the evolution of technology. Whereas, students are standing in the middle when it comes to their regular study habits.

Improved educational system? Yes!

Regular study habits? 50/50

Entertainment while Studying!

Never thought burying my nose to text-books for hours can be appealing at some point. But, it is.

‘Studying can be fun’ is not just a myth anymore. Due to the rapid growth of technology the study habits of students are evolved. Where a student use to spend hours reading a single page out of a tangible book just to memorize it, is enjoying studying in ways that are more entertaining.

For instance, if a student searches for Egyptian culture and traditions, he or she can watch a documentary on YouTube or a slideshow on Prezi. Or they can benefit from listening to a lecture by the industry expert.

Technology has developed different ways of making learning quite interesting.

What about the Eye-Care?

Will your eyes stay healthy if you induce your studying on electronic devices such as laptops or mobile phones?

We can’t ignore the fact that the young generation spends 80% of their time on social media apps and if we consider that they are dividing the remaining 20% to studying which is also on a digital device, won’t it affect their eye-sight?

Chronic health issues can arise with regard to heavy HD beams out of our laptops or tablets which might not create eye-strain for long period but it definitely affects our vision.

Learn while you play

Ever thought your mom would not stop you from hours of gamification? Well, she won’t. As long as you are educated from it.

Yes! The idea of turning the learning process into gamification has proven to be effective for students worldwide.  With the improvement of technology, people have created online games with the intent to teach.

Parents are appreciating such apps that teach students through gameplay. Doing what you love and doing what you should. Together!

Multitasking while Studying is a No-Go

They may learn out of education apps but what about the push notification from WhatsApp, IG, Snapchat or other social platforms?

The unbroken focus on studies is merely impossible for students in this tech-driven era. According to a recent study, 38% of students are unable to last 10 minutes without checking their social media account.

The attention is diverted multiple times on such pop-ups and notification where students are unable to focus completely on studies. The link keeps breaking which is not very effective for students and even fails in actual learning or memorizing.

Researching? Not a problem!

Do you think your research topic is new? Think again!

Because the researches and its documentation are an ancient practice and can be found all on the internet. Directly or indirectly, someone has already collected data on your selected topic. You don’t have to sacrifice sweat and tears while researching for your course. Simply access the most widely used technology known as the ‘Internet’.

The data collection for the research has been very easy and students learn a lot with the previous findings of industry leads and experts.

Wrapping it up!

So, is the glass really empty? Or halfway full?

It depends on your perception!

Just like technology has evolved the world of education but comes like a coin with two sides. It’s how students benefit from it. Take it as an opportunity or deal with it like a challenge.

The classrooms are improvised where teachers are infusing their traditional ways of teaching with tech-gadgets which are helpful in learning for students. The fact that technology has made student’s study habits a good-to-go cannot be ignored.

Take it as you perceive it. It comes with both!

Who’s the Author:

Jacob Porowski has a master’s degree in Classics and has a joyful personality. He is the senior academic writer at EazyResearch and provides amazing technological and educational writing services which are remarkable. Jacob is an enthusiast when it comes to video games.