Value, from the Latin Valor. A word capable of containing a whole world of precious things. In sports it is measured in millimeters or seconds, in jewelry it is measured in rarity, by weight or in carats, on the stock exchange it is measured in the price of securities, in the economic sphere it is measured in the quantity of money obtainable for a good. And in the human sphere, value is the measure of moral, intellectual and professional skills that one is able to share with others. Variable or immutable, objective or subjective, the price is what you pay, but the value is what you get. It is the preciousness of what is received that gives everything its value.

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The art of reshaping a patient’s body and self-esteem is a work in numerous acts, and begins from the first visit. The key word today is Why: why is it important to pay for the medical examination when you are considering having surgery? A plastic, reconstructive and aesthetics Cosmetic Surgery in Belfast is a journey to be discovered, starting with a door that opens, that of a doctor’s office. Entering and meeting the surgeon is like crossing a sort of Stargaze, where time takes unexpected forms, where doubts become certainties, where numerous questions are answered, and also where some illusions can be disillusioned. One of the most frequently asked questions that potential new patients ask us is, “Do you pay for the first visit?” The answer is yes. You should worry when they answer that it is free, and we will try to explain why in 4 points:

1- Professionalism, the value that the surgeon conserves, protects and makes available to the patient.

Competence, reliability, success: as with other specialized doctors, even the value of a good plastic surgeon is the result of a training process: years of history, study, constant updating, training courses, practice, experience, comparison with patients, they encompass all the strength of that expertise that has allowed them to acquire a leadership position in a market niche. A value also linked to the references, to the positive word of mouth, to the reliability of his medical acts, to his fame, to his brilliant career, and it is right that he be paid.

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2- The time to devote to the visit , the value that the surgeon spends lavishly to accompany the patient in the right choices.

Communication, study, clarification: the doctor needs time. A long time. And the visits to the plastic surgeon are typically longer than those of other doctors. He will have to visit you, listen to you, give you all the information on the possible intervention, understand your expectations and your needs, analyze the reasons for your choice, advise you on the right solutions. He will have to think, reflect, decide. A thorough visit includes a complete anamnesis, an adequate and exhaustive project. He will also have to inform you of the alternatives, possible complications, recovery, possible outcomes. Be wary of quick visits.

3- The objective evaluation, the value that the patient will have when the surgeon’s opinion is disinterested.

Impartiality, realism, neutrality: when the surgeon does not gain exclusively from the surgery, he is more free to give his opinion. His time is already paid. If he deems it right, he may advise you against the intervention, or advise you to postpone it. It should not influence you, but simply accompany you on a journey of awareness. Those who visit for free gain only if the patient decides to undergo treatment, and therefore has every interest in operating.

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4- The quality of the medical practice, the value of the diagnostic equipment and of a safe and legal structure.

Technology, cutting-edge, updating: the investigation methods have undergone enormous development in recent years, and investments in devices that can provide precise and targeted diagnoses have very high costs, but they are investments necessary to offer patients more updated treatments and to guarantee high health and safety standards. They are the right clinical tools that bring diagnostic reliability to the top. In addition, receiving patients in an appropriate medical office and according to the law increases the quality of the service, and it is a cost that also affects the first visit.

From the decision to undergo an aesthetic intervention to the operating room couch, the step is never simple, and the only recommendation is to undergo an accurate pre-operative evaluation.


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