The walkera Tali H500, an FPV drone with a high-definition camera and gimbal, takes aerial photography to a new level. The device is equipped with advanced systems to help it fly smoothly and safely and improve image quality. The devo launcher displays a lot of flight data, allowing you to control the drone while it’s gliding in the air.

Before you buy an RC aircraft, you may have some questions about how it operates and many other things. We’ve selected the most common questions for prospective buyers and provided detailed answers to help you understand the walkera Tali H500 and ultimately decide whether you need it.

Why use “hexacopter” and how does it affect flight?

Although most of the traditional drones you’ve seen on TV or YouTube Videos in the past are called Quad axes, this one is a bit different. The main difference between a quadrotor and a six rotor aircraft depends on the number of propellers each drone has. Most drones for personal or professional use have four blades, while walkera Tali has six blades.

When it comes to the impact of increasing the number of propellers on flight, a 6-blade FPV drone is more stable than a 4-blade drone, and it can fly higher because it is more powerful and can reach higher speeds. However, there is also a drawback to all of these benefits. Due to its large size, hexacopter is difficult to access narrow spaces such as forests, caves, narrow streets and buildings.

What is the role of the framework?

Walkera has a gimbal fixed to the camera, which is designed to stabilize the camera as it turns or moves in strong headwinds, keeping it level at all times. Frames also help prevent tremors caused by strenuous exercise. This helps you get a clear image and a smooth and stable lens.

What type of camera does hexacopter use?

The six propeller drone is equipped with a high-quality Ilook camera. When it comes to taking pictures, the camera offers a resolution of 13 megapixels, which helps to take clear and pleasing pictures. In terms of video recording, the camera provides 1080p high-definition short video and movies at 130 frames per second. It can be used not only for personal needs, but also for professional purposes, such as tourism video, wedding shooting, TV advertising and film production.

How does the transmitter help me?

Transmitter plays an important role in controlling flight. It has an integrated LSD display that displays data about the speed, altitude, position and battery of the aircraft, making it easier for you to fly the aircraft and make the necessary changes to fly smoothly. When the transmitter receives the signal from the drone, it will also send the signal to the drone. Having said that, you will need a launcher to fly the plane. The device is equipped with joysticks and buttons to help the drone turn, fly higher or lower, land or take off.

How much can walkera Tali H500 fly?

The drone has a powerful LiPo battery that provides a maximum flight time of 25 minutes. The ability to fly nonstop makes hexacopter the perfect choice for amateur and professional filmmakers who can shoot long shots, as well as for photographers who love taking lots of photos and exploring locations.

Are there any special flight modes?

This drone doesn’t have many flight modes, but it has one feature that photography enthusiasts will definitely appreciate. The FPV has a GPS based directional control system that allows control of the device’s position in the air and stabilize it. Although its main function is to ensure stable flight, the system has a second use. By activating the GPS holding function, the drone stops and begins hovering in a fixed position without changing its altitude.

In this way, you can focus on exploring a place or an event and take as many photos as you want. Maybe you need to stop the FPV drone to record the walk of a pack of wolves, or focus on a forest fire.