Prove your post-pandemic vacation to be #vacation_goals for your instagram, Visit Jeju Island

As the pandemic is still not heading to a relaxing phase, more and more urban residents are eager to replace their apartments with more… remote things. Maybe it’s driving along the coast and admiring the psychedelic scenery, or winding mountain trails for a comfortable escape from the town.

For Koreans who want the best of both worlds, all they have to do is a fast domestic flight to Jeju Island. This tropical island is located at the top of South Korea’s most southwestern tip and is famous for its swaying palm trees and lower beaches. A wide variety of white and black sand beaches, spouting waterfalls and charming villages, majestic mountains and psychedelic volcanic rock formations all define Jeju Island..

Jeju Island – Hawaii of South Korea

More than 70% of tourists are domestic tourists who are looking for the so-called “Korea’s Hawaii”.The island is famous for  the amazement of nature and its wonders, including waterfalls, white sand beaches and the dormant volcano in the center of the island-the highest mountain in Korea. Although it has long been a great place for honeymooners, this summer, as locals suffering from epidemics fled Seoul and restored their natural vitality, tourism to Jeju actually increased. Although Jeju Island is still out of reach for Americans, it is full of #vacation_goals for your instagram, especially after the island’s festivals and tourist attractions are reopened.

How to reach Jeju Island?

The easiest way to get to Jeju Island (the Korean language island) from Seoul is a 70-minute flight. Interestingly, this is the busiest domestic route in the world (it is), with more than 100 flights per day. Although you can focus on weekends (which many Koreans like), it is best to experience this island slowly.​​ Therefore, the goal should last at least three days or even longer.

You can go to Jeju Island by bus or taxi, but renting a car is absolutely convenient. The island consists of two municipalities, the capital of Jeju Island (“si” is a city) in the north and Seogwipo City in the south. Each city has its own city center (or “shinae”), and the highest among them is the top of Halla Mountain, the highest in the country. You can even take a direct flight to Jeju by making Klm Reservations and enjoy a full safe and comfortable stay in South Korean Hawaii.

The best beaches and waterfalls in Jeju Island

Beach fanatics flock to Jeju Island for surfing, kayaking, scuba diving,windsurfing, parasailing,  water skiing, rafting…name whatever you like. The mouth of the Soesokkak River is a great place to play on the water, where the Hyodoncheon freshwater flows into the sea. You can paddleboard in this wide-flowing slow river by kayak, water bike or a Jeju’s ancient rafts (called “Tewoo”).

Jeju Island is also famous for its spectacular waterfalls. The two most famous waterfalls include Cheonjiyan Waterfall and Jeongbang Waterfall. If you just want to relax on the beach, you have come to the right place. The awesome beach easily accessible on Jeju Island is Hamdeok Seoubong Beach, where kayaks can be rented, and there are many seafood restaurants on the shore. This coastline also has incredibly cool black lava pools.

Magnificent hiking trails in jeju

The aforementioned Halla Mountain is the magnificent twin peaks of the volcano on the island, but there are only two-the longer Chengbanak and the steep Guannisa Mountain-all the way to the top. (Please note that in the current pandemic, both of them are closed). Another popular option for trekking is the Trail of Olle, a long-distance walking trail that surrounds the entire island in a series of 26 numbered stretches. 7th Highway is particularly beautiful, driving west along the scenic coastal cliffs to the famous Oedolgae rock formation.

Don’t forget the traditional spirit of Jeju Island, including its super Hallasan shochu and special Hallabong Makari. You can even mix it in Jeju Beer known as the authentic brewery on the island, made in collaboration with Brewery of brooklyn. Magpie which also operates a pizza and beer joint store called Bluebird in downtown Jeju is the other kind of brewery found in Jeju. head to Jeju by making Jet blue Airlines Reservations and enjoy the fun drinking soju+beer.