Earthing or commonly known as grounding can be termed as the process which involves the transfer of the immediate discharge of electricity directly to the plates of the earth with the help of electrical cables and wires. The concept of earthing systems is very much important at the time of undertaking various construction related projects. The short circuit is most commonly caused by the weak installations and the concept of earthing very successfully helps in removing the excess electricity which will pass to the ground where it will lie dormant. 

 What is the need to have such a system? 

 A lot of people have second thoughts about the installation of these systems because they think that this is wastage of material as well as money at the time of undertaking various commercial construction projects. But if performed properly this concept is considered to be one of the best investments which can provide several benefits in the years to come. The individuals should always be prepared for the unexpected things and these safety systems can help to provide simple procedures which will make the whole building safe as well as secure that too at a very low cost. 

 Following are some of the reasons why these systems are important: 

 -It will help in preventing the people by preventing electric shocks.

 -It will help in preventing any kind of damage to the electrical appliances because it will help to control excessive current running in the whole circuit.

 -It will also help in reducing the risks of fire which can be caused because of the leakage of current. 

 Following are some of the excellent advantages provided by this concept: 

 -These electrical systems are associated with earth mass. The potential of the whole earth is zero watts which are known as the neutral of the whole electricity supply. So, this will help in maintaining a lot of balance. 

 -The metals which are used in the electrical installations are very good in terms of conductivity. Although metal is a good conductor of electricity but proper earthing systems will help to ensure that the metal parts are not used for current transfer. This will be done by separate paths which will enable immediate stoppage as well as detection.

 -In the cases of high-voltage, everything will pass from the electrical circuit. These kinds of overloads can cause several damaging effects on the devices and can even cause danger to human life. But the installation of the concept of earthing will help to ensure that the current is flowed from a different path and does not affect the whole implementation of the electrical system.

 -Electrical circuits are connected with the help of reactions and each of the transformers has to respond to these actions. The surface of the earth will help in configuring these relationships between several electrical sources which will help to make the whole process very easy to handle.

 -In the excessive power surge, the grounding system will also help a lot. These systems will help in providing proper safety to the electrical appliances which will save the electrical data as well as equipment.

 -At the time of calculation of the right amount of power required in the systems, the earthing concept will also help in performing the right calculations with the help of voltage stabilization which will ensure that there is no overload in the circuits.

 -In most of the cases fuses are blown away and can cause serious electric shocks to the people. So, it is very much important to implement such concepts to provide proper safety to the property as well as people. So the installation of this concept will help in preventing injuries as well as disasters. 

 Following are some of the most common types of earthing used in several construction projects: 

 – The plate type earthing system: In this concept, several components like wires and other plates are made of materials like copper. It will be buried in the earth pit and will provide various vertical layers of salt and charcoal up to certain levels. The depth will be about approximately 8 to 10 feet from the ground level. 

 -The pipe earthing system: This method is much more reliable as well as durable in comparison to all other methods. This is also known as a method based upon electrode pipes. This is the best method to be implemented in most conditions and also uses copper pipes. The diameter of the pipe is approximately 1.5 inch and the length can be worn depending upon the surface of the soil. 

 – The rod earthing: This method is very much similar to the pipe type and includes barring of the rods in the surface of the earth. It will help in decreasing the resistance of the earth as required by the whole concept. 

 -The wire-based earthing: In this concept, several horizontal types of trenches are made and strip based electrodes are buried in those trenches. The material used is copper or steel and sometimes there is also placement of conductors in the ground. 

 – The waterman method of earthing: In this concept, there is the usage of waterman and galvanized pipes. These pipes are buried in the earth and clamps are used so that resistance can be reduced. 

It does not matter which method one goes with but it is very much important to undertake this concept to ensure the safety of the people and optimum performance of the electrical installation is done in that particular building. Proper and in-depth calculations should be made so that the whole concept is highly efficient as well as effective. There are many companies which provide these kinds of best services at the most competitive prices. The quality of materials used is also the best. 

So, all people at the time of undertaking new constructions must ensure proper electrical earthing by believing in these companies. These companies with the implementation of such things will be able to provide safe electricity to the people. One should never wait for the electrical emergencies to happen rather proper and timely measures like this concept should be undertaken in the very initial phase.