Throughout the years, and with all the progress of nations worldwide, every last one of us appreciates the poetry, literature, and customs we are connected with. In simpler words, literature, culture, arts, and the artisans enrich the roots of belonging in nations. However, there is one place that not only supports its local arts but is relentlessly working to promote ‘arts without borders.’ By admiring the arts regardless of where it belongs, Abu Dhabi is disrupting the global arts industry with its tremendous projects, initiatives, and ideas.

Abu Dhabi is characterized by its precious cultural assets and traditions that every generation, despite everything, admires and takes pride to practice. The magnificent land has featured its adoration and support to a wide range of arts from around the globe by bringing eminent International galleries and art exhibitions, such as the Louvre, into its grounds, becoming home to the global arts. This has pulled in numerous tourists and has situated Abu Dhabi as a spot-on destination for Arts and Culture. Yet, who is the mastermind behind this incredible idea, with the genuine zeal to promote arts?

Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Founder of Al Suwaidi Foundation ASF, Member of the house of Al Suwaidi HoS, is a young Emirati pioneer who is adding to the progression of the economic and cultural international relations of UAE. Dr. Al Suwaidi has solidified his imprint in the cultural and art world universally and is centered around developing his local cultural legacy and helping aspiring Emirati artists and poets thrive. He is additionally a humanitarian with extraordinary commitments to education, social, arts, and cultural trade, primarily between Abu Dhabi and the UK.

Notable Work of Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi

Dr. Al Suwaidi’s inclinations are centered around discovering and understanding worldwide societies with incredible enthusiasm for world history, particularly that of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and The United Arab Emirates altogether. Dr. Al Suwaidi is an energetic devotee of the English Heritage and is a passionate antique collector of explicitly traditional frames. He likewise appreciates customary bespoke courteous fashion, including the Emirati, English, Scottish, and Bavarian. Dr. Al Suwaidi incredibly enjoys tuning in and reciting prose, having been brought up in a family of famous writers including his own sibling, Ahmed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi. This all being said, it is clear that the mastermind got the zeal to safeguard arts in inheritance and is definitely doing tremendously.

Founded by Dr. Al Suwaidi in 2019, The Abu Dhabi Arts Society, ADAS, centers around inclusivity in the local network of art and culture to constructs connections between Abu Dhabi and the world. Incorporating visual arts, poetry, and music, ADAS intends to bring traditional and aspiring craftsmen in the limelight. It focuses on strengthening artisans from not just the local region but, unites a network of artisan, authorities, researchers, and fans from all across the planet. It endeavors to widen the span of these occasions to support the global arts-based on mutual appreciation. The platform serves as a binding agent to connect artists, poets, and their masterpieces beyond, ethnicities, languages, and social differences.

The mastermind behind this incredible platform, Dr. Al Suwaidi, arranges top-notch international festivals attracting international art mavens, aspiring talents and aficionados. Mother of the Nation Festival, Food festival, Zayed Heritage & Al Dhafra Festival are a few of the most enthralling events that thousands of people anxiously wait for each year. Abu Dhabi Art fair is also a fantastic event that celebrates the richness of Emirati culture and arts.

Not to forget the Zayed Heritage Festival and the “millions poets” that are sole platforms dedicated to empowering poets and writers specializing in Arabic literature.

Dr. AL Suwaidi describes the art and culture scene of Abu Dhabi as a “cultural boom” of significant events, unique creative projects & remarkably talented individuals. He is one fervent individual on a mission to safeguard the global arts and culture. What sets apart this art enthusiast from others is the soul filled with genuine desire to help artists who struggle to get a breakthrough in their career due to the non-availability of credible platforms. Driven by passion and love for arts and culture, Dr. Al Suwaidi is one remarkable mastermind who came up with great ideas to evolve the world of arts and culture.