Humans are by nature social animals! So, in today’s fast-moving era, social media is the best tool to stay connected with family and friends residing in any corner of the world. So, ever since the social media apps came into being; the number of users kept multiplying. Presently, a single day without using apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. is unthinkable.

Statistical data gathered from Oberlo states that “an average of three hours in a day is spent on social networking, the most popular platform being Facebook.”

As per the statistical data published by Statist on the social media usage trends from 2017 to 2020, “Social media had2.86 billion global users in 2017, which shot up to3.6 billion in 2020 and is predicted to rise to approximately 4.41 billion by the year 2025.

These staggering figures show how social media apps are gradually becoming the most sought-after applications. Consequently, social media app development has sky-rocketed. However, the aspiring app creators need to keep in mind that all apps do not succeed in tasting success, because they do not have the engaging and enticing features that modern-day apps need. So, to enlighten you about the important aspects of features, I have penned down some of them that are essential to creating a successful social media app.

Key Features that a Successful Social Media App must contain

Selecting the right platform

It is advisable to select a platform that perfectly suits the features of your social media app, which proves to be the app’s greatest interactive medium and provides multiple-device support.

Easy Navigation

The users prefer features that support seamless navigation. Hence, a hassle-free sign-up and login procedure, the app’s ability to easily connect with other users, etc. contribute to its adoption rate.

Effective customization of user profiles

Modern users prefer creating unique and visually attractive profiles. Hence your app must enable them to customize their profile by adding filters and using novel features like special effects, exceptional fonts, etc.

Effortless integration with other Social Media platforms

A popular social media app must have the capability to integrate effortlessly with other popular social media platforms. Features like outbound sharing, the ability to invite friends for using personal communication channels, and deferred deep linking are desirable and will help the app to become popular in a short time and in turn will increase the users organically.

Ease of network-building

The basic purpose of a social media app is to facilitate social networking. So, a user should be able to build a strong social network by easily finding new connections and being able to add and follow other users without much ado.

Live video streaming options

Live video streaming is the ability to host live videos like Facebook live, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, etc. It allows the users to provide live updates, exchange ideas, or celebrate a special occasion. This feature has been the most disruptive invention that had created a stir amongst social media users. What can be a better way to create joyous moments and share them with family and friends living in far-off lands?

Notifications, News Feed and Content sharing

A successful app must contain the following features.

  • The capacity to compress multiple user-activities to one single view.
  • Ability to make the contents of other users easily discoverable using specific searches.
  • Possess a news feed that facilitates interaction between users by constantly generating and displaying relevant and engaging content in the form of articles, stories, photos, videos, or audios.
  • Continual updates showing the users’ interaction like status changes, reviews, comments, feedback, etc. via real-time push notifications.

The aforesaid features will undoubtedly allow the users to express their thoughts, display their achievements, and hence boost the growth of their network.

In-app calling and chatting options

Despite engaging themselves in public conversations with their social circle, users prefer private conversations with a selected few. Therefore, your app must enable users to create private groups and communicate with each group via in-app calling and chatting.

Appealing User Interface

A complex interface design may complicate things for users and drive them away. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your UI intuitive as well as attractive, use tranquil and attractive colors, and have well-positioned interface options to satisfy the basic purpose of a social medial app.

The privacy and security quotient

A social media app involves a shared environment among numerous individuals. Therefore, the data faces a constant threat to vulnerabilities like loss or misuse. So, effective safety measures to protect the privacy of the user’s personal information and other sensitive data are necessary to gain their trust. Also, the introduction of regular app updates to eliminate the loopholes and fix bugs would prove helpful.


It’s a good idea to leverage emerging technologies for including futuristic and novel features and add a tinge of uniqueness to make your social media app stand out from the existing apps available in the market.


The social media app developers must incorporate the aforesaid features to create an impeccable and innovative app that will win the hearts of users. This is indeed a strategic move to boost your business growth and gain a competitive edge over peers.

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