Can you imagine a day without checking your smartphone? Can you imagine your phone without your favorite applications/Apps? Can you imagine how would you manage your daily habits and essential activities without accessing your Mobile phone Apps? The answer is way too simple, NO.

In this modern world where our mobile phones are the most prized possession, it is a device that controls our movements, our social behavior, our habits, our activities, and our thoughts. A mobile device today is much more than just keeping connected with your friends and family and exchanging simple text messages. Our mobile phones are our lifeline. Not only for essentials but we are too emotionally connected with your handheld devices.

But have you imagined what makes you so glued to this mobile phones? Yes, it is the Apps that offer unique features and packed with abilities that fulfill almost every essential requirements, keeps us updated, helps decide our purchases, manage our expenses, secures our banking, guides our way to the destination when we travel, keeps track of our health and even our heartbeat. You cannot imagine a device getting more personal than this, who knows how your heart beats every day and how many calories you have burnt the other day or how many steps have you walked last month on a particular day. Yes, it is incredible as it sounds, our mobile Apps are the most innovative and amazing discovery that technology and gifted to humanity.

But have you ever imagined, where do all these Apps come from? Who are these people who design these fantastic Apps for you and which are these companies that are Pro in this business?

In this article, we shall disclose the names of a few renowned Android App development companies who have created a niche for themselves in this particular trade. If you need to create an Android App for your organization, enterprise, or your dream project, you may consider among the below mentioned names.

OpenXcell – The frontrunners of Android App developers

It’s a little over a decade when this company was incorporated, and to date, the remarkable feats achieved by them has made them among the front runners in the business. With its headquarter in the USA, OpenXcell with its young and highly talented team of developers and software engineers has been developing engaging mobile applications and delivering futuristic software solutions for reputed companies, large business houses, e-commerce platforms, and enterprises. The company offers end-to-end technology solutions, consultations, and complete assistance for its clients in developing and managing mobile Apps.

The business ethics of OpenXcell has been rock solid, they maintain clear communication, transparent work process, adhere to a strict timeline for delivery deadlines, and quality assurance. The service model that they follow is customer-oriented, the reliability and reputation that they have earned in the technology industry are commendable. Below are the brief facts and figures that highlight the company’s path to success.

It has a global presence with offices located in the USA and India. In a short period achieved the feat of developing 3000+ mobile apps, which are available in App Stores, currently being used by 15 million+ users around the world. The company has successfully delivered software solutions to more than 2000 entities and has partnered with more than 700 entrepreneurs. The team strength comprises of 350 plus highly skilled and experienced developers and technical experts and software engineers, who uses cutting edge technology, up to date methods to create lasting solutions and develop innovative ideas, customized as per client requirement. The company has an affiliation with international associations like NASSCOM and IGDA. With OpenXcell you get the best value for money, a professional yet flexible approach, complete confidentiality through the signing of NDA with clients, best corporate policy with result-driven methods.

Cubix – your best bet for a 360-degree software solution provider and App developer.
Innovation and agility being the buzz word, team Cubix is like a breath of fresh air. Young and talented, the team of highly experienced and qualified software developers has taken the technology market by storm. With an experience of little over eight years, Cubix has earned its name among the leaders in developing popular mobile Apps, games, software for enterprises, web and mobile solutions, and business analytics. It deals with a wide range of clients – big companies, start-ups, individuals, enterprise, and mid-size organizations.

At Cubix, the team is in a constant process of improvement and mastering of new industry ideas. The developers and software engineers use top of the line technology and innovations by implementing path breakings methods. Internet of things – IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, SaaS, Augmented Reality, Virtual reality technology compatible software solutions and mobile App solution services are offered by the able team at Cubix.
Quality over quantity being the motto, Cubix ensures high-quality solutions with a commitment of on-time delivery and performance par excellence. The team’s approach is customer-oriented which is flexible and accommodating yet highly professional, topped up with practical and simpler concepts. Customer feedback and client testimonials speak volumes about the level of dedication and commitment of the team.
If you consider choosing an Android app developer from the above options suitable for your business model.
What is guaranteed is professionalism and client-driven services. Every mobile app development brand is known for their proficiency and efficiency.