Being a parent is an incomparable blessing. Whether becoming first-time parents or are welcoming another addition to their family, having a baby that they have been working on is something worthy of a celebration. The most common way to celebrate the expected birth of a child is a baby shower. If you are going to attend one, then you have to get a gift. Luckily, there are plenty of choices for possible baby shower gifts that will not only make the parents happy but also their new baby.

What are the Best Gifts?

Getting a gift for a baby shower can be daunting. After all, the person for whom you are getting the gift has not been born yet. However, how to work around this is simple. Just like with any gift, the fundamental purpose of baby shower gifts is still the same: The gift should benefit the recipient. Your recipients will be both the parents and the baby. Thus, ask yourself: What does a baby need? Better yet, what do parents of a newborn need? The easy answers will, of course, be baby stuff, like blankets, diapers, and bottles. Traditionally, blue is for boys and pink is for girls. However, if the parents want to keep the baby’s gender a surprise, there are also unisex options.

Think Big

Naturally, baby stuff is small. If you come in with only a pair of baby shoes, then you may just hold a tiny box that fits your hand. Yes, it is the thought that counts, but going to a baby shower with just that may make you look like you didn’t think enough. Fortunately, there are baby shower gifts that come in packages, so you get more out of what you pay for.

Are you thinking of buying shoes? With some of the gift boxes available, not only can you get shoes, but you can also get cotton socks, a knitted beanie, soft newborn nappies, and more. Are you pondering on buying a towel? Why not go for a whole bath time ensemble? Aside from getting a soft baby towel, some packages of baby shower gifts also offer complimentary items. These gift boxes can come with baby bath milk that is perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin. They can also have a nappy balm that can protect the baby from nappy rashes and soothe irritated skin.

Softer is Better

Babies are fragile. Whatever you get them, they have to be soft and gentle. When it comes to toys, go for soft stuffed ones. Apparel like rompers, pants, and bibs should be made of ultra-soft material that not only protects a baby’s sensitive skin but also comforts him or her.

Be Artsy

Artworks can also be the perfect baby shower gifts. You can opt for art that the parents can use to decorate the baby’s room. Choose lovely prints that not only entertain the child but also inspire and stimulate thinking. Be whimsy with adorable animals that can grow fascination in children. On the other hand, be inspirational with artwork with uplifting or motivating text that can carry on with children’s mindset as they grow. Be imaginative in the art, as your creativity may rub off on the child.

Having a newborn is a momentous occasion that deserves celebration. Make the event even more memorable by getting the perfect baby shower gifts.