Members of Congress have been vacationing, leaving the plan and the scheduled time to conduct a trial of impeachment of President Donald Trump in the Senate.

According to AP, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on December 19 insisted that Republican Senators in the Senate had to provide details about witnesses and evidence before she could send the charges to the hearing. Mr. Trump.

However, after a meeting with Democratic senators, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell announced that the two sides could not reach a deal.

“We are at a standstill,” Mr. McConnell declared.
As it darkened and parliamentarians were on holiday, McConnell wondered why the Republican Party had to make excuses for Democrats in the House of Representatives “to send us what we didn’t want to receive.” “. The congressman also described the House’s anti-Trump actions as “the most urgent, the least thorough and the most unfair investigation of impeachment in modern history.”

McConnell and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer met for 20 minutes to negotiate a deal to hold Trump’s impeachment in the Senate, scheduled for January 2020 bubble shooter

Mr. McConnell advocated conducting a quick trial, without the new witnesses that Democrats wanted. This congressman wishes to maintain a strategic advantage if the 53 Republican senators remain united. Mr Schumer, meanwhile, hopes Republican senators will give up the party under public pressure so that a full trial against the President can take place.

At the historic vote on impeachment of Mr. Trump on December 18 in the House of Representatives, the MPs all voted in the party line, leading to Mr. Trump being the third President in US history to be impeached. . The House of Representatives impeached Mr. Trump on two charges, which abused his power and hindered Congress. The allegations stemmed from pressure from the White House leader to demand that the country’s leader conduct an investigation against his political opponent.

According to the latest Reuters / Ipsos poll, less than 50% of Americans think that President Donald Trump should be removed after the House of Representatives decided to impeach the leader.